You’ve Been Boo’d – SOC Style!


Get into the Halloween spirit by participating in the SOC You’ve Been Boo’d! social game! Join us in spreading some spooky cheer this fall by sending out wickedly delicious treats to all of your boo-tiful friends and family.

You may have played this popular Halloween game with your neighbors in the past. Well, since we don’t all live in the same neighborhood, we are starting our own Halloween You’ve Been Boo’d! social game: we’ve sent out our first Boo’s, now it’s your turn! We have made the game very simple. Visit the SOC Gift Shop and purchase our special You’ve Been Boo’d! gift which includes; a 2-pack of brownies and a sampling of our Pumpkin Spice Caramels. It’s ghoulishly delightful! Then, send it to at least two other people. Once you have completed this frighteningly easy task, take to Facebook and #BooItForward by challenging a few of your fang-tastic friends to do the same!

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-1-09-26-pm Once You’ve Been Boo’d, share a picture of yourself with the I’ve Been Boo’d card that will arrive in your package and post it to your Facebook wall, tagging two people to keep the fun going! Boo everyone you know until the moon is high on October 31st and have a scary good time!

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