Your Guide to Mother’s Day Card Sending

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is at this time every year we get the opportunity to tell our mothers how much we love them and how much they mean to us, on a day dedicated just to them. A mother fills so many different roles in our lives. She is a cheerleader, our greatest fan, our shoulder to cry on, and our encyclopedia of advice. She can act as the biggest advocate for our dreams and kick us into action when we are under performing. Often our mothers are the pinnacle for how we see the world. It is on this day we reflect on all of the ways a mother enriches our lives and we celebrate it.

As we sat down to write this post we started talking about what it means to be a mother. We thought deeply about it and we realized we don’t all have the same story. Many people have biological or adopted mothers that fulfill this important role. Some of us have other people who fill this role, whether it is a grandmother, an aunt, or a friend. There are fathers that fill the role of both father and mother. There are also those of us who have longed to be a mother but the stars never quite aligned. And, there are those of us who have the ache of knowing their mother is no longer with them. When you think of the emotions that surround this day for all of the different stories each person in this world has, it broadens our thinking when it comes to how we celebrate this beautiful day. This day should be filled with meaning, and connection, for each of us has a different story, but we are united in the celebration of the spirit of motherhood – however that might look in your life.

As we embark on celebrating Mother’s Day this year, let us open our eyes to the bigger picture and the collection of stories within motherhood. Let us take the time to see the mothers around us and broaden our outreach of celebration to them. Put words to the emotion they feel, let them know they are seen, and that they are doing a great job. One consistency within mothers is how difficult it is to know whether you are doing enough to guide and nourish your children. To celebrate mothers this Mothers Day, take the time to see the greatness within them and tell them through a tangible card that they can keep forever. Send all of the mothers you know, in any light, a card with precious images of what matters most to them. Make the mothers you are celebrating the highlight by telling them you notice all of the incredible things they do.


Here are four things to think about to help your Mother’s Day card sending:

1-First and foremost, celebrate your Mother and the ways they have selflessly been there for you throughout life. Tell her how much you love her.

2-Celebrate the grandmothers, aunts, daughters and friends who are mothers or serve the role of a mother for someone.

3-Think about the mothers you admire. Whether it’s watching them from afar through social media or in your neighborhood, let them know they have an impact in your life.

4- Last, think about all of the people who occupy the role of mother in addition to the roles they already fill. (Step-Moms, Single Dads, Single Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, Friends.)


Guide to the Spirit of Motherhood

We put this guide together to help you look for the emotions that come through the spirit of motherhood. As you read, think about those in your life that fit the description and send them a simple card to celebrate who they are.

  • The joy of a new mother as they embark on their new journey.
  • The excitement of a mother as her kids shower her with kindness and appreciation.
  • The worry a mother might feel, as they think they aren’t doing a good enough job.
  • The elation a mother might feel as she reflects on how proud she is of her grown children.
  • The single mother who plays the role of Dad and Mom.
  • The single father who plays the role of Mom and Dad.
  • The people that the role of mother is occupied by grandmother, aunt, step-mom or friend.
  • Those who cannot be with their mother because of distance.
  • The people who meet this day with sadness and difficulty as they remember their mother who has passed on.

This year in the spirit of motherhood, we set forth the challenge of expanding your reach in celebrating not just your own mother but all of the mothers in your life. Tell all of the mothers who have nurtured your dreams, who love you no matter what, who care for you, and see the greatness in you how much you appreciate them.

The mothers in this world deserve to be celebrated. Let’s come together to acknowledge what all of the mothers in our lives do. Let’s take the time to see who they are and the beauty they are adding to this world, through themselves and their children. No matter what the story might be, we are here to celebrate others and show them we see them for the light they bring into our lives. We watch them put themselves aside to tend to those who need them. We see the lack of sleep, the early mornings, the late nights. We see the mothers without borders that go beyond the traditional family tree to be a mother in the lives of those in need. WE SEE YOU. We know it’s not easy. We see that you are the glue that holds us all together.

To all the mothers who nurture dreams and love people for who they are – to all the mothers out there, WE SALUTE YOU. We thank you for all you do. And always remember, you are doing a great job.

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