“Yes, Sometimes It Is About the Money” Now Available!

b0f044ffd7f989fde3971dedae749bf0.jpgWe are incredibly excited to announce the release of President of Field Operations Steve Schulz’s new book, Yes, Sometimes It Is About The Money. A successful icon in the MLM industry, Steve has passionately mentored thousands of people in reaching their financial potential.

In his book, Steve discusses different ways to earn money and how you can help make difference with that money. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to be financially successful, while creating life experiences that money just can’t buy.

The attendees at the Book Launch Reception and Las Vegas Treat’em Right Seminar will be the first to get their hands on a copy of this amazing book. However, if you are unable to attend this weekend’s events, Steve’s book is now available in the Gift Shop for pre-order. The book can be purchased individually or in bulk to share with others, discounts up to 20% are available depending on how many you purchase.

To place bulk orders of “Yes, Sometimes It Is About The Money,” please visit the Business Building Tools section of the Gift Shop or click HERE. To purchase an individual copies, visit the Books & CD section of the Gift Shop or click HERE.

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