WOW– Is All We Can Say!


We had one incredible weekend at the Master Relationship Marketing Seminar this past weekend! We were astounded by the diversity of professions that attended this event as well as the energy that consumed the room and the SendOutCards Corporate office!
Master Relationship Marketing SeminarThere was no better way to kick off the inaugural Master Relationship Marketing Seminar than with an open house and tour of the SendOutCards building! Through the entrance of the building an official red carpet greeted our guests along with SOC paparazzi, a photo booth, tantalizing samples of our famous Gift Shop goodies and of course the SOC staff!

Untitled design-103Self guided tours led guests throughout the office, trailing through our card production area and ending in our SOC Gift Shop! The Waffle Love truck graced our parking lot with their delicious and oh-so-tasty presence offering gourmet waffles and an experience for the taste buds!
The home office tour was the perfect way to get things started, amping up the energy and giving the guests an inside look at SendOutCards and where relationship marketing is mastered!
Master Relationship Marketing SeminarThose who attended the two-day MRM Seminar know just how spectacular and educational this event was. From Kody Bateman speaking on the importance of relationships to the incredible speakers who gave examples on how to keep them, there was no shortage of information to get you up and running to master relationship marketing for your business.
The show opened with one powerful message from the one and only Tom Hopkins, a sales industry powerhouse who has been recognized as America’s #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions. This set the tone for the entire event to be one of the most in-depth discoveries of personal development along with strategic business practices.
Master Relationship Marketing Seminar
 Kody hit the ground running diving right in to the curriculum by covering the key concepts and most important principles to learn during the two-day course. The attendees were also introduced to the fourteen Masters of Relationship Marketing and had the privilege to work with them one on one throughout the event activities.
Throughout the event the audience was graced by the presence of several different industry experts and obtained an inside look at their teachings, practices and how they have mastered relationship marking. The room maintained an engaged and mesmerizing energy as the Masters of Relationship Marketing educated from stage.
Master Relationship Marketing SeminarThere were examples from a Real Estate agent, salon owner, a social media expert as well as network marketing professionals on how to effectively create relationships with prospects and maintain them as clients. Attendees learned how to bridge the gap between high-tech and personal touch and they defined their personal brand as
Kody guided them through the rhythm of prosperity over the two-day course. With this system attendees easily gained the knowledge to acquire more contacts, learned which vehicle to use effectively and how to reach out and communicate with their customer while building in-depth relations.
This event has changed the course of time and direction for SendOutCards and we know it will continue to grow and change lives. We are unbelievably thrilled to be in Pittsburgh in March and do hope you will join us. We look forward to seeing you there and if you haven’t made the decision whether or not to attend, perhaps this will influence your decision! 
“This training has opened up an untapped market for all of us. I now fully understand how to implement relationship marketing and teach others to do the same! Watch out world, SOC is about make a big impact on businesses worldwide!”
To register for the upcoming MRM Seminar in Pittsburgh, visit our registration page!
To see all of the photos from the event, be sure to visit our Facebook Photo page!

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