Want To Build Your Business? You Must Do This One Thing…

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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Most people think once you’ve attended one business event, you’ve attended them all. That is certainly not the case. In a recent post made by Eagle Jordan Adler in the SendOutCards Facebook group, he stated,

Untitled design-90SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT . . .I’ve received no less than 20 inquiries as to whether I will be at the events in Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh. Here’s the deal. Barring an emergency, I don’t miss major events. I have not missed a company convention since 1992 (that means I have been to every company convention for over 22 years. It’s a priority!) I attended even when I had to have 5 roommates and rent a $50 per night hotel room. I have attended over 130 Treat’em Right Seminars and can count on one hand the ones I have missed. When I missed one it was because of an emergency or death in the family. So you don’t need to even ask. I will be there with lots of people with me. I hope to see you there too!!”

Wow, that’s quite the statement and from a true leader nonetheless. If you think attending a company event is not for you, or that you don’t have the time or means do so, then perhaps these benefits will open your ideas to the business building possibilities that can unfurl from hosting and attending an event.

  • Connect With Leaders: This is the best part of live events. You get to sit in a room and listen to your mentor and other leaders share pure value with you. They share their time with you in order to change your life. You have the opportunity to meet them, have a short conversation and even snap a picture for your Facebook page!
  • Meet Other People: You get to meet other people from different parts of the country and sometimes the world. It’s a great way to make new friends and at the same time, get excited about the community/family you are a part of. This is how the company culture is created, strengthened and what allows it to thrive.
  • Personal Development: With business, there come different struggles and challenges. Did you know you are not alone? There are others who have experienced the same challenges; they’ve overcome them and came out on top! Attending an event can help boost your self-confidence and allow you to work on your personal development for your own good and the good of your business. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is crucial for creativity, growth and overcoming some of those challenges and struggles mentioned above.
  • Live Training: Did you read that right? Live training! There is no better way to educate yourself than with live training. Even if you’ve been to a certain type of event before, more times than not, they are not the exact same event. Information given or shared at an event is usually the only place it is ever shared; It’s like having insider information! As President of Field Operations Steve Schulz puts it, “The event content may remain the same, but the audience is what makes each event different, important, and invaluable.”
  • Team Success: Company events are a time when your team should surround you; whether your team consists of 50 others or your team is simply just you – this is prime bonding and development time. Do you want your team to grow? Do you want your team to thrive? Do you want there to be unity amongst your team? Then attending a company driven event is where you need to be. This is where you will duplicate team success.
  • Hear Other People’s Stories: At live events you get to hear personal stories to relate to, testimonials you can take home and share with others and experiences that can inspire you to do more. Having the opportunity to hear and be surrounded by a massive amount of success stories is an electric feeling that you should want to experience over and over again!
  • It’s Fun!: Meet new people. Take fun pictures. Hear inspiring stories. Get the latest insider information. Meet leaders and network. Feel the energy of others just as enthused and excited as you. Be a part of the culture and leave feeling unstoppable. Sounds fun doesn’t it!?

SendOutCards is extremely excited to announce a brand new training event hosted by SendOutCards Founder and CEO Kody Bateman. Kody, who is an expert in Relationship Marketing, has launched a brand new website along with a new specialized training seminar. Check out the latest MRM events coming to a city near you and commit to be there, with guests too! 

“Plant the seeds of your success in the direction of a bright shining light.”

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