Today Is The Day!

BLOG-2Major announcements about SendOutCards’ future were made back in January at the Phoenix Treat’em Right. Those of you in attendance can attest to the high energy and excitement that ensued during that event. Since then, the online engagement, excitement and anticipation have been palpable! We know you have all been waiting patiently so without further ado, the anxiously awaited enhancements to SOC’s card pricing, customer pricing and Monthly Manager Bonus Pool qualifications are now live!

We’ve heard your requests for updated tools and materials, and many are already in the Downloads section of the website! For example, you can download and print the new versions of: Monthly Manager Bonus Pool Worksheet, Opportunity Sheet, Paper Application, Fast Start Guide, Business Presentation, Funnel System and Manager Worksheet and the Simple Success Training.

All of the updated materials are crucial for you to understand and master so you can go forth and build your SendOutCards business. With the new modern look and feel the SendOutCards website has taken on, navigation of the site has become seamless.  We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with if you haven’t already, as this is going to be the new face of the website very soon! 

If you missed out on SOC TV this past Friday, tune in right here and right now!

SendOutCards is in full motion, sprinting right out of the gates for 2015 and there is no end in sight. Make sure you are connected with us, make sure your team is connected with us and most importantly make sure your customers are connected with us. Things around here are changing and we want to keep our entire SendOutCards family as tightly knit as we can! We push, change and grow constantly… why? So you may have better opportunities to share the message and 2-fold mission of SendOutCards. So you may continue to experience the freedom of being your own boss and to always ensure the best service and experience to your customers.

Never miss a moment to act on your promptings, Kody certainly hasn’t and that is what has brought us to this monumental moment in SendOutCards history!

Casey“SendOutCards just made some enhancements that CHANGE THE GAME! Well let me just give my opinion here…. This is going to change the game of SOC forever! I believe we will be creating millionaires like crazy over the next couple of years.” Casey Eberhart

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  1. jaymchugh
    February 10, 2015 at 6:14 am

    Well done….

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