The Magical World Of Imagination Kids Camp!


Your children’s dreams are now a reality! With A Magical World of Imagination Kids Camp your kids will enjoy a day of crafts, games and make-believe.  This camp is for children ages 6 months to 17 years and is available on Saturday while you are in the general sessions at the 2015 The Magic Begins With You Annual Convention. As you dive into the magic of Convention, your kids will be immersed in the exciting adventures that await them. Your child’s ticket gains them access to Friday and Saturday sessions, the Magical World of Imagination Kids Camp, as well as a special convention bag with a name badge and lanyard. Register your children for this one-of-a-kind adventure happening during The Magic Begins With You Annual Convention.

We are so excited to design this convention with your family and children in mind. This kids camp provides even more enhancements to make your child’s experience at the 2015 annual convention magical.

See what we have in store for your little ones!

Magical World of Make-Believe

Your dreams become reality at KiddieCorp’s Magical World of Make-Believe. Have you ever wanted to be a princess in a kingdom far, far, away? Or, even a chef preparing food for your friends? Well, here’s your chance!

The fun begins with hopping on our hopscotch mats and crawling through the tunnel which will lead us to where we’ll find pop-up racecars, dream houses, tents and chairs, and a variety of inflatable animals. Next, we’ll get creative at the craft station. We’ll be making fairytale prince and princess crowns, dreamy windsocks, and wild animal masks.

Finally, it’s time for parachute play. We can do all sorts of activities with it, like making waves, launching nerf balls, and we can even hide underneath it! So let’s use our imagination and get ready to have the best time ever in our Magical World of Make-Believe in a World Of Imagination.

Artist Alley

childs-hands-paintThe artists in the children’s program will be able to express their creativity in our KiddieCorp Artist Alley. We will have various sorts of craft supplies for the children. The kids will have the opportunity to make beaded jewelry, fun paper bag hats, colorful collages, and more. The children will want to make sure they create their very own hand puppet to take home.

Adrenaline Rush

Within the KiddieCorp Adrenaline Rush the children will be able to exert their energy while participating in various groups games such as Simon Says, Relay Races, Duck-Duck- Goose and Red Light Green Light. They will also test their agility while playing in our fun children’s tents or go through the obstacle course.

Peaceful Play Land

images-41The children who like the quieter activities will be able to sit back and relax in our quiet area. We will have various books for all the
different ages. Our staff will enchant the children by holding story time throughout the day. Our KiddieCorp Peaceful Play Land will also have tea sets and play food for the children who like to play grocery store or house.

Construction Zone

For the builder’s in our group we will have an area dedicated to blocks and Legos. These children will be able to create structures only a child can dream of. They will be able to sit at the tables and build to their minds desire. Our blocks will have the children feeling like little architects. The children will not want to forget to stop by our Play Doh sculpting station to show off their molding abilities.

Infant/Toddler Children – Tiny Tikes

takealong-tool-kitThe youngest of our group will be surrounded by tactile toys that stimulate fun and learning. There will be soft building blocks, stacking toys and activity centers. The little ones will also have various ride-ons and toddler books to help keep them entertained. We will have sing-a-longs with their favorite nursery rhymes. To help the kids stay on their napping schedule we will do our best to have everyone settle down for a rest a couple of times throughout each day.

Safety and Security

  • Photo ID security procedure for check-in and check-out of children.
  • Children and their parents are always escorted by our team members when entering or leaving the children’s program area for any reason. Parents are allowed to visit at any time. Unauthorized adults are not allowed in the area.
  • All managers are trained to handle emergencies specific to the venues we work in and carry an emergency preparedness manual with them at all times.
  • All managers are CPR/First Aid certified.

On-site Registration

  • Parent consent/waiver forms
  • Check-in/out sheets
  • Meal sign-up sheets (as needed)
  • Child profile forms to attain skill-level information on special needs children (if needed)
  • Colorful, fun flyers for parents listing description of program activities and hours
  • Safety Information Card for parents: includes program hours, program room number and phone number, local hospital information and a safe meeting place in case of evacuation
  • Emergency Preparedness Manual: includes evacuation plan, disaster plan, security checklist for the facility, local hospital information, etc.

Children’s Activities & Supplies 

  • Age-appropriate toys and games in excellent condition
  • Gross motor equipment (slides, tunnels, etc.), safe and appropriate for indoor use
  • Group games suitable for both indoor and outdoor (where appropriate) play
  • Popular arts and crafts projects
  • Child-pleasing movies and cartoon videos
  • Extra supplies for infants (in case a parent forgets to pack diapers or baby wipes)
  • Diaper changing station (changing pad, disinfectant spray, and disposable gloves)
  • Written hourly infant/toddler reports given to parents
  • A first-aid kit
  • Injury report forms in each room (completed even for the smallest injury and signed by the supervisor and parent)
  • Emergency procedures, key phone extensions, evacuation plans, and KiddieCorp rules posted in each children’s program room


Be sure to purchase convention tickets for your kids today and sign them up for the Magical World Of Imagination Kids Camp so they can explore creativity and expand their horizons in a Disney inspired atmosphere!

Register Today!


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