The Spectacular Splash-tember Promotion!


We are ecstatic about our new offering of Mini Splash Paks and to celebrate we have created the Spectacular Splash-tember challenge! During the month of September you can qualify for the Monthly Manager Bonus Pool using regular Splash Paks AND Mini Splash Paks.

You can qualify for a share in the September pool by signing up customers on subscriptions, Splash Paks or Mini Splash Paks. You are still required to obtain two $31 Subscribing Customers in order to complete your splash but you are free to earn the other 8 customers any way you would like.

Don’t forget to take a second dip in the Monthly Manager Bonus Pool by sponsoring three Marketing Distributors and helping each of them meet their customer requirement for you to earn a second share.

Join us in making this September one we will never forget!

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