The SOC Hot 100 – VIP Challenge!

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You think you’ve got what it takes to top the charts? Where sending is trending and bundles are fun, business will boom, but there’s limited room! How would you like to climb your way to the top of the SOC Hot 100 list and earn VIP status at this year’s convention? That’s right, be a real VIP with celebrity status as you hustle and grind your way to defining your greatness. Want a spot guaranteed spot on our VIP list?

The SOC Hot 100 is a standard chart throughout the world for new bundles sold during a 60 day period, and is updated weekly by SOC. Rankings are based on Personal, Marketing and Business Bundles sold and the points accrued for each sale.

Just like in the music industry, all it takes to find yourself on the Hot 100 list is to perform, have a big hit and make your mark. It’s so simple! 

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So pump up the jam and get to work, you might make it on the SOC Hot 100 list and be on your way to enjoying convention like a true VIP!


Details & Rules:

  • In order to participate, please fill out this form so we may track your progress.
  • Promotion starts April 1st at 12:01 a.m. (ET) and ends May 31st at 11:59 p.m. (ET).
  • Must be a SendOutCards distributor to participate in the challenge.
  • Distributors must earn a minimum of 15 points to be on the SOC Hot 100.
  • Distributors must be Q Qualified at highest achieved rank to qualify for the challenge.
  • Each distributorship that earns VIP status in the challenge will receive 2 VIP tickets.
  • Bundle upgrades do not count for points in this challenge.

For Example:

If Jon purchased a Personal bundle in February 2016 and decided to upgrade to a Marketing bundle during the SOC Hot 100 promotional period; no points would be awarded as this would be seen as a bundle upgrade.

Jane was introduced to SendOutCards in February 2016 but decided to join as a customer during the SOC Hot 100 promotional period by purchasing a Business Bundle; therefore, points would be awarded since this is her first bundle purchase. 


  • Prizes are non-transferable. No cash or other substitutions are allowed; Prizes have no cash value.
  • SendOutCards reserves the right to adjust the challenge rules at any time without prior notice.
  • To qualify in the Top The Charts! Challenge, rank advancement must take place during the challenge promotion.
  • If a new distributor purchases a bundle, their direct sponsor will receive points for that activity because a bundle was sold. 


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