The One Thing

When you have a prompting, you act upon it. It’s a simple
thing – and we have made it our mission to help the world get back to doing that
more often. Our Co-Founders Kody and Jodi Bateman began this company with one
thing in mind, to help people act on their promptings. They didn’t want another
second to go by without the world having a tool for people to reach out and
send love to another human being. That is why we do what we do. That is the one

The first prompting since re-declaring this mission is a big one, and we had to listen. We have changed the theme of our 2019 Annual Convention to be more in alignment with the direction we are moving as a company. The One Thing – SendOutCards Convention of 2019 will be the place where you watch the heart of what we do shine.

Kody and Jodi recently shared their story with us – the
incredible highs and lows experienced with bringing this cause to the world.
Running a company for over 14 years has its challenges, and Jodi was looking
for a sign. She needed a reassurance that the path we were taking was indeed
the path we should continue following. What she received was more than a sign,
it was a siren call.

Jodi had been searching for a puzzle that was the outline of
an animal in nature, and she just happened to find one while snowed in during a
blizzard at the local town hardware store. As luck would have it the puzzle was
in a shape of an eagle. Now, the eagle is an important symbol in our company.
The eagle represents the brother that Kody had a prompting to say goodbye to, but
never got the chance. Kody created the highest rank within SendOutCards as the
Eagle rank, to represent the heights that needed to be reached in order
accomplish such a feat. We have our Eagle’s Nest, an advisory panel of Referral
Partners who are essential in helping the company make decisions. The moment
Jodi saw this puzzle she knew it was the answer to her question. It reaffirmed
what is at the heart of this company and it was time to let that soar as an eagle
does. As she built the puzzle she worked from inside out instead of the typical
method of working from the outside in. As Jodi an Kody shared this experience they
related it to how important it is to remember to do all things working from the
inside out. Start with the heart always. With this and the help of a dear
friends perfectly timed message, Jodi realized that each piece of that puzzle
was part of the greater picture and that we are all a part of this mission

Each card that leaves the SendOutCards home office is a
prompting that has been acted upon. This is what our company is about – sharing
love and kindness all over the world through the written word at a moment’s
notice. And that is what our focus will be, from now moving forward. The One Thing is what makes all of life worth
it. The One Thing is what drives us
forward with tenacious focus to help others reach out in kindness to change the
world. Join us at The One Thing – SendOutCards 2019 Convention as we reconnect
with the heart of SendOutCards and get back to what we do best.  

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