The ONE Convention

The mission of SendOutCards has always been about bringing the world together. We believe in the beauty of what makes us each unique and as we love each other for who we truly are, we become ONE.

We are dedicating the 2018 Annual Convention to the celebration of this cause. This theme was born out of the inspiration our SendOutCards family has created. As we have come together we have created a movement of unity through kindness. United in our resolve to be ONE group, ONE family, and ONE race, we are united as a people through love and the cultivation of human connection.

There is only ONE race, the human race. When we come together as ONE, we are stronger, brighter and more beautiful as we shine in our authenticity. During the 2018 SendOutCards Annual Convention we welcome you to join us as ONE and learn how we can come together and create our dreams and goals while nourishing the relationships that make life meaningful and deeply connected.

Throughout this event, you will see the importance of becoming ONE with your surroundings. This includes your profession, relationships, personal goals and so much more. We want to help you focus on the ONE that needs you the most – YOU!

SendOutCards is ONE

Another way we are becoming ONE this year is incorporating our staff into our event graphics. From now through April, you will see highlights of the SendOutCards Staff included in our convention teasers. The importance of realizing that everyONE who is involved with SendOutCards – Distributors, Customers, Staff – we are all ONE team with the same goal in mind.

Here are a couple of our amazing staff members sharing what ONE means to them.





“ONE Convention means movement and motivation from my SendOutCards family to assist me in my financial freedom while sharing a system that creates love and joy throughout the world.” – Byron Fields, Support






“For me, ONE means having empathy and understanding for struggles that you haven’t experienced yourself. Knowing that we all need each other, and living with compassion and kindness is what makes our experiences matter.” – Heather Harris, Marketing





Share ONE

Now is the time to share that you are joining us for the ONE Convention. Follow us on social media through our Facebook Fan Page, Official Group (for Distributors) and Instagram to receive all 2018 Annual Convention event updates. You will find banner images, profile pictures, sharable graphics and more when you follow the SendOutCards social media channels. Use these graphics to share on your timelines and inspire your team members to register for convention and become ONE as we continue to create unity through kindness.



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