The New Look Of SendOutCards!


Whoa… It’s 2.0! 

We are so excited to announce the new face of the SendOutCards website! The fresh, sleek and modern design of 2.0 is now our official home page. For the last several months in order to view and use the new version of SendOutCards online you would have to visit, this is about to change. As of tomorrow you can simply visit and voila, you will see 2.0 at its finest!

Now we know there are many of you who may not be familiar with the new site or maybe you haven’t quite yet mastered the new navigation; not to fear, help is here!

We have provided some quick tips to help you become familiar with the new site! 

envelopeHome Screen: Click on the envelope icon in the top left corner, you will be taken to the home screen.


Company: Here you will find quick links to company related topics. Upcoming Events, Resource Center, Downloads and the Site Map.

The company

Main Menu: Here you will find all of items you need to manage your account. Click to view your card history, order history, photo manager, and much more.

Main Menu

chatHelp Chat: Online chat directly with our Support Team for any of your needs.


reminder Calendar Reminders: Click here to view your calendar reminders.


cartShopping Cart: View the gifts you have in your shopping cart.


PointsBuy Points & Expense: Click here to add Points & Expense to your account.


profile 1Profile: When you hover over this icon, you will view your current account information. If you would like to edit your name, upgrade your account or sign out you will use this icon.


Your greeting card and gift sending experience is important to us which is why we offer our live chat feature. We encourage you to contact our Support Team with any questions you may have so we can further assist you and continue to enhance your SendOutCards experience.

Distributor Specific

dashboardDashboard: Here you will find all of your current activity. You will see what requirements are needed to make it to your next rank advancement, your sponsoring numbers, etc.


Resource Center: This is your information hub. Find new products, event listings, current incentives – you can also subscribe to all of our social channels.


  3 comments for “The New Look Of SendOutCards!

  1. July 31, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    woooooooooooo hoooooooooo!!! I love the new site!! I’ve loved it and USED it since it was mentioned to us MONTHS ago!!! I’ve taught all my “peeps” with whom I give splash packs to use the NEW SITE and this is so exciting to have the NEW SITE AS THE ONLY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome!! thanks to everyone at SOC for making such a fun and well functioning site!! SEND OUT CARDS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (and so does all of it’s staff and leaders!!!!!!!!! 🙂 sending you all love and blessings, Kellie 🙂 ps. SEE YOU AT DISNEY AT CONVENTION!! it is going to be so GREAT!!!

  2. Debbie
    August 4, 2015 at 10:40 am

    The only thing I really need directions to handle is how my potential customers apply a splash pak code? It used to be very simple. Can someone direct me to that tutorial?
    See everyone at Disneyland.

  3. August 6, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    @Debbie Once someone comes to your SOC distributor page, they can click on the horizontal lines in upper right and select “Splash Code” to enter the splash code you gave them.

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