The Magic Begins With You Convention Day 4


What an incredibly magical week it has been here at the Disneyland Hotel! The last general session of the Magic Begins With You Convention took place on Saturday and it was certainly one for the books!

Dot Biz, Double R and Celeste opened with a live performance of “The Magic Begins With You”, giving everyone goose bumps and setting the tone for what would be an amazing day!

thumb_DSC_2726_1024Runner-up for Distributor Of The Year, Melissa Barlock, expressed her gratitude and heart from stage as she shared personal stories of her experience with SendOutCards. She is a fierce woman and a force to be reckoned with. She stated nothing has motivated her more to get to work than being announced as the “runner-up” for Distributor of the year.

thumb_DSC_2763_1024Casey Eberhart, winner of the 2015 Distributor Of The Year Award, also graced the stage in true “Casey” fashion. His passion for SendOutCards filled the room as he expressed his up most excitement for the future and stated, “This business is yours, so go get it!” He laid down the law as he stressed the importance of taking charge and making things happen when it comes to your business. Casey expressed his gratitude and vows to make 2015-2016 his absolute best!

The Eagles Nest members were recognized and celebrated with a standing ovation for their dedication and service to the field as well as all of the Senior Managers in attendance. The conducted the tradition TER high fives across the stage and were celebrated in style! Also, the winners of the Magic Dash 5k-Pedal To The Medal race were awarded. Todd and Sonny were the first male and female to cross that finish line in outstanding time. They took the phrase “Magic Dash” to a whole new level!

The afternoon session began with a world of color as Distributors lined up by the number of years they have been with SendOutCards. They received a colored glow stick bracelet and were led in the room by a fanfare. The site was astounding especially the number of brand new Distributors who were experiencing their very first SendOutCards Convention! As each year marched in, the more the audience cheered each other on. When the last group of tenured Distributors marched in, representing 10 years with the company, the entire audience exploded in applause!

We truly are a stand on your feet and cheer each other on, kind of company!

As the session began, a mystical sorcerer, Mickey Mouse, surprised the audience by bringing magic along with a silk aerialist to perform a sky-high performance of beauty and strength!

thumb_DSC_3745_1024The fun continued on as our special musical guests, Dot Biz, Double R and Celeste performed hits off of the Revolution album, along with a few new songs too! The state of SOC was extra special this year as it included each member of the executive team in a video production conversing about the future of the company. Steve, Vanessa and the Eagles joined Kody on stage to continue the State of SOC live.

thumb_DSC_3793_1024Jodi Bateman surprised the audience with a very special tribute to those loved ones she has lost. She shared her heart and soul as she told stories of those people along with the sentimental props she had on stage. Not a dry eye was in the house as she continued to show her heart and conducted an even more touching tribute to those SendOutCards Distributors, family members and friends who were also taken from this earth too soon.


Kody returned to stage to introduce a very special SendOutCards employee, Colin Salomons, who is a member of the ITS team. Colin shared touching story of the importance greeting cards are to him and his family. When Colin’s grandmother lost her ability to write cards, he reintroduced that love in her life by sending her countless cards in the mail each week. “We truly do change lives and impact those around us.” As Collin concluded, Kody brought all of the SendOutCards staff to stage to thank them for their service, hard work and dedication throughout the event.

Steve and Vanessa closed out this session by announcing that the 2016 Annual Convention would be held in Salt Lake City! “There truly is no place like home and we can’t wait for you to join us! Now let’s end this session and head off to Neverland for our Closing Party!”

This past week has been one for the books as SendOutCards’ most magical convention ever. Many memories were made, bonds strengthened, plenty of laughs and a lot of heart felt tears. We thank each and every one of you for being a part of our family. We support you to the ends of the earth and you will always find our heart in everything we do.

Here’s looking to 2016!

For a full recap of the convention announcements and the key details to know, be sure to join us for a very special webinar tonight! Get registered now and get ready to be blown away! 


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  1. CamiHamilton
    September 15, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    Please post the links Celeste and Double R were passing out to find out more about their music!

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