The Magic Begins With You Convention Day 3


One word… unbelievable!

Today marked the first day of general sessions for The Magic Begins With You Convention, and one single word sums it up completely! Unbelievable! This morning was a complete show stopper as there was no holding back during this incredible magic production. Just like Kody stated during the Boot Camp event, “We don’t save the good things for last, we save the good things for the first!”. Kody certainly kept to his word and set the tone for the entire event by not only introducing the Eagles, the brand new Executives, Steve and Vanessa, but also by showcasing his latest single, the theme song for Convention, The Magic Begins With You.

The audience was silent as the music video began, telling the story of a young girl with big dreams but afraid of falling and being alone. As the song continued on, this young girl found her way and discovered that she can make her dreams come true. As the beat pick up, so did the audience; clapping and cheering as the inspiring melody played on. This song, written by Kody, represents the essence of every member of the SendOutCards family and it is true when the lyrics say that the magic really does begin with you!

The show certainly didn’t stop there as Kody, Steve and Vanessa led us right into the most anticipated portion of Convention, recognition! As the Distributor of the Year and runner-up from 2014 were recognized it prepared the path to announce the winners for 2015.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you your 2015 winners!

Rookie Of The Year, Cathi Rickly!
Senior Managers Of The Year, Nisha & Lorenzo Ferdinands and Don Shan!


Trainer Of The Year, Bart Miller!


Distributor Of The Year-Runner Up, Melissa Barlock!


Distributor Of The Year, Casey Eberhart!12003165_10153570889285610_5299677591273956408_n

DSC02494WOW! What and incredible morning, the energy was electric and the room was on fire with enthusiasm. Kody continued on delivering a wonder full keynote and finding the magic within you, dedicating a special moment to his late father along with SendOutCards family members who have since past and also recognizing all those lost on 9/11 as today marked the 14th anniversary.

DSC02519Vanessa was quick to stage to bring even more exciting announcements with her! Not only did she announce the arrival of the new SendOutCards Android app, available in Beta, she also gave a sneak peek at “new and improved” Sendcere! Sendcere is in the midst of undergoing a facelift to truly enhance every users experience. As she presented she noted the new version of Sendcere would be in development until 2016 as to not disturb any of cards being sent during the holiday season! Vanessa stated, “Stay connected with us and we will stay connected with you! Together we are the ultimate power couple!”.

A very special visit from Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto were a very unexpected and welcomed surprise as we prepared to end the general session and make our way to the SOC Expo!

Social Central, Interactive Gifting, Talk Spots, Disney Animation Academy, Magic Shows, Games, Disney Character photos and so much more. The SOC Expo was a BIG hit!

Stay tuned for more updates and recaps of our Annual Convention and be sure to keep up on all of the live action on our Facebook page!

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