The Magic Begins With You Convention Day 2

Magic Dash 5KHeigh ho, heigh ho… it’s off to the Magic Dash we go!

Hundreds of SendOutCards Distributors made their way to Downtown Disney just after 5:30am with the hopes and dreams of running, and walking, the Magic Dash 5k! Full of excitement and perhaps a little bit of nerves, each team took time to mingle, take photos and of course laugh a little because they knew the next 3.2 miles would not be easy; but boy-oh-boy they were determined! Costumes, tutus and custom t-shirts were a sight to behold so early in the morning that it was nearly impossible to find one face without a smile. FUN was in the air!

At exactly 6:00am, the checkered flags began to wave and just like Buzz Lightyear, the runners blasted off with speed to find the place and set their pace. Both runners and walkers alike weaved through Downtown Disney all the way to the entry gates of California Adventure, where they entered the park as exclusively. The entire Magic Dash crowd was enthralled and taken back by the quiet beauty of the park and the stillness it held. The Magic Dash 5k took runners and walkers throughout all of the park, entering in and out of each themed land and as they did so they were greeted with warm Disney cast member smiles and cheered for boisterously!

Around the final corner of the Magic Dash was a straight shot to the finish line and boy was it a sight for sore eyes… and sore feet! With a special cheer squad made up of Distributors, SOC Staff and yes, even staff from California Adventure covering the finish line, each participant was cheered for and when the crossed that line graciously gifted with a finishers medal.


Every single participant started and complete the Magic Dash with true SOC spirit and determination. For their steadfastness, they were treated to a delicious breakfast at Flo’s V8 Diner and the granted special access to Radiator Springs cars ride.

The entire morning was an incredible experience from start to finish and so those smiles we saw at the beginning of the race grew bigger and bigger throughout the day!

Following the Magic Dash 5k, SendOutCards Distributors had the rest of the day off to spend relaxing, out with family and even to enjoy the parks before the VIP party began.

The SendOutCards VIP event is always a superb eventing. With the addition of 6 new Executives to the company the VIP’s were able to welcome them to the event as they arrived in true Disney style. The night was full of beautiful gowns, suits and ties and everyone dressed to the nines. Incredibly delicious, gourmet food was on display and each table was set with its own self serve candy bar.

As big band music played one, Distributors danced the night away while enjoying decadent desserts, Disney character artists and a special moment from Kody and Jodi Bateman.

“Don’t worry, I have found my marbles!”-Kody B.

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