The Magic Begins With You Convention Day 1

11954702_10153534129700874_2993080414646811141_nAnd we are off! Convention is officially in full swing as we begin our magical week by heading off to Boot Camp, that’s right we said Boot Camp!

The sun began to rise this morning and the magic of Disneyland was palpable! SendOutCards Distributors were up bright and early as they made their way down to registration before heading off to Boot Camp this morning. Not only did they check in for the event, they received a big welcome in true SOC style with a custom registration bag, convention program, custom commemorative pins, SOC cookies, scratch cards and so much more!

Left, left, left, right, left… Attention! Camo and aviators and boots, oh my! The SOC Boot Camp certainly delivered in true fashion as it was the most extraordinary kick off to our Convention week. Kody Bateman started the meeting prompt and on time with a traditional military march on stage along with the top leaders and executive team who would be gracing the stage later that day.

SOCIAL-2Kody B delivered, right out of the gate stating, “We don’t save the good things for last, we save the good things for first!” and just like having dessert first, his new announcements were oh-so-sweet! The room was electric and everyone was on the edge of their seats as Kody announced major additions to SendOutCards’ product offerings which include new packages, the return of Treat em’ Right seminars under a new name Promptings Academy, the Master Relationship Marketing training portal and more.

As Kody stated, “We are creating a culture of positivity and support.” All of the new announcements and tools reflect this message. It’s bringing together both efforts of the two-fold mission and strengthening its power and the power we have to touch and change lives.

***Stay tuned for complete details about these new announcements in the official SOCUpdate this coming Friday.

DSC01715Steve hit the audience hard with a goal stating, “You should always be looking for opportunities to send cards and make connections. Connections will lead you to meet ups, which will grow into being able to invite those connections to larger meetings and events.When you find those opportunities your business will naturally grow. “Steve touched on the importance of putting meetings together and doing it consistently, always being prepared and working with others to make those meetings and events successful. Having appropriate etiquette is crucial to delivering a successful event.

“People in life want two things; to make some money and to have some fun. With SendOutCards having fun comes first. If you cant figure out a way to work your business and have fun you wont stick around long enough to see the money.”

DSC01844Bart Miller shared his SendOutCards story and how he ended up in our SOC family. He also shared his passion for commitment by asking the audience,  “Are you taking your business seriously? How committed are you to yourself?”. Having a strong foundation of vision, trust and commitment are crucial to building your business. Keep your dreams and goals in the forefront of your mind throughout all that you do, will get you to where you want to be faster.

“What will you do today to move you in to tomorrow?”

DSC01735The one and only, Jordan Adler, marched right up on stage and took command of the audience. Boy were they in for a real treat and surprise as Jordan expressed his love for texting as his main source of communication. He understands those he reaches out to are more likely to answer his texts than answering his call or returning a message. Understanding people and adapting yourself to a method that makes sense will change everything! And to prove it, he conducted his famous texting exercise. He gave the audience 20 minutes to utilize 2 scripted text messages to reach out and set appointments.

Jordan’s method is magical… in the 20 minutes given nearly 200 appointments had been set and the audience was in sheer awe at the results they all received. Needless to say, they were all grateful for Jordan’s little push to reach out to their prospects.

DSC01746Jules Price gave one inspiring keynote as she broke down how and why you should become a product of the product. She shared the most powerful traits of successful people, which included how to cultivate respect over time and have a positive mindset.

“Be generous with your time, focus and attention. If its important to you, you’ll find a way if it’s not you’ll find an excuse.”

DSC01765DeMarr Zimmerman laid the ground work for the Mobile Pocket Presentation, he graced us with the tale of how it all came together… thanks to Bart Miller and his crazy ideas! DeMarr shared his heart, soul and love for SendOutCard like the true class act he is a leader and Eagle Distributor. Bringing the ability to show the product on your mobile device and showing the money through the MPP has made being about to conduct business on the go, that much easier!

“It’s not complicated, it’s a formula!”



Phebe Trotman hit on just one of the many money-making habits each and every person should be doing… making a contact list. As she lit up the room with her contagious smile and personality, she broke down a simple memory jogger.  “Who do you know?” she exclaimed. This is one exercise you will never or should ever out grow, this is one exercise Phebe encouraged the audience to do often. Not just offline and through your phone but also online, through social networks and groups.

DSC01895Dave and Lori Smith are masters at sponsoring from a distance. From Dave’s make-shift pvc stand to Lori’s multitasking abilities, they know how to captivate an audience near or far and they do it better than anyone around. Understanding how to present the SendOutCards opportunity face to face is key but knowing how to do so online is crucial to expanding your reach with your business and the biggest factor in growth.

“It’s all about timing but the time to present is always. You can do webinars, periscope, social media and videos with online presentations. Get active on social meeting accounts now because we should all be online!”

DSC01903As she walked on stage, Melissa Barlock was greeted with a standing ovation. Melissa is a master at the “follow-up” and she gave her secret recipe on how to successfully follow-up and then close your prospects. She stated, “Nearly 80% of all sales are made on the 5th and 12th contact”. The fortune is in the follow-up and if you continue to follow-up with cards, gifts, good news and invites to events, that prospect will eventually become a part of your team.

Understanding how to follow-up and not giving up is the difference between growing and slowing your momentum.

DSC01920Bringing down the Boot Camp house was non other than Casey Eberhardt. Casey was alive and electric as he motivated us all to become Senior Manager Machines! Becoming a SMM is all about simplicity and duplication and getting a bunch of people to do a few small things consistently over and over again. Once you get the ball rolling, the momentum and speed of that ball will consistently grow and that is the moment you become a well oiled Senior Manager Machine!

“Doing the same thing over and over again as if the audience is seeing it for the first time is the definition of a true professional. The business is yours, go get it!

DSC01950Success is a choice! When Jimmy Dick falls, he refuses to stay down and today he urged and encourage everyone in the audience to do the same. He stated, “When you quite you’ve made a choice to fail. Success and failure are not a predetermined fate or a part of your genetic makeup; it is simply a choice. Not a dry eye was in the house as Jimmy shared stories from the heart and presented an inspiring and uplifting video about a woman who was born without legs but dreamed of becoming a gymnast. Due to her undying will and desire to live her dreams this woman overcame her limitations to become an all state gymnast.

Jimmy exclaimed, “We let outside factors tell us what were worth rather than believing in what we dream.”

“It’s your duty to go do it and you can do it! Take back your “I can” and claim your space for a one way trip to success.”

Don’t think there wasn’t a little bit of fun going on this day. Not only did we celebrate our overseas Distributors with a special luncheon in the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion, we had raffles and dancing plus plenty of jokes!


Stay tuned for more exciting Convention updates, videos and photos all week long and be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for the live action updates!

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  1. BillieNigro
    September 10, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    This was Bootcamp like no other! Incredible information and fun!

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