The Houston Promptings Academy Session 2 Recap

palogo28129copyAnd we are back! Wow, what an incredible first session to the inaugural Promptings Academy here in Houston, Tx. Attendees experienced a powerful and emotional morning with Kody Bateman as he opened up the event sharing his heart, passion and insight into promptings. The energy carried right over into the second session with the “Magic Begins With You” music video, getting everyone up on their feet!

“SendOutCards is the best mechanism for sharing the magic within you by providing a way to share kindness and appreciation out to the world plus we have the best relationship marketing tool to create more opportunity for growth in your business.”

12400984_928179203970265_3028817902134657202_nAs Kody took to the stage, he shared the story about Pat Chase, a woman who played the music at his local church. One day Kody decided to send Pat a card, thanking her for her effort and the time she takes to play the music each week as it brought an ambiance and feeling to each Sunday. He thoroughly thanked her and shared his appreciation… why? He had a prompting to do so. When Pat received the card, she cried and contacted Kody telling him that she had thought about quitting that day because she felt like she wasn’t making difference and Kody’s card changed her whole mentality.

As Kody shared his story he encouraged the audience the act on their own prompting and send a card to someone who may need to hear how much they are appreciated. For the first time in event history, everyone in attendance sent a heartfelt card right from their smart phone, helping to instill one of the 5 Promptings Academy habits your will hear more about! What a powerful way to begin the afternoon sessions, acting on promptings because this is in fact Promptings Academy.

Everything we do is based upon habits and Promptings Academy is built upon 5 habits and it all begins with becoming a level 4-card sender. Becoming a level 4 card sender is incredibly beneficial in your personal and professional life; it’s a simple thank you, reaching out, following up or sending well wishes, a simple action can go a long way. Being able to send cards on the go is the easiest way to act on a prompting along with learning the APA presentation, implementing training, understanding the importance of events and gaining perspective on personal development will propel your habits, actions and life forward in all aspects.

With Kody’s well-rounded introduction to the Promptings Academy it was now time to introduce the leaders—true field experts with each habit. Up first to the stage was none other than the impeccably dressed and well-versed Jules Price.

12512690_928314113956774_5936503467772617907_nJules is a level 4-card sender. Jules expressed her love, enthusiasm and habit of sending cards to everyone she knows or meets. Jules is very precise with her card sending habit; she makes each card personal and relevant to their current situation. She takes the time to really connect and build a relationship with that person by sharing a memory or simply making that persona feel appreciated and important. This is no longer a process for Jules, this is her life and this card sending habit has placed her in the right position with the right person time and time again.

946143_928323317289187_7014942930216241395_nAs important as becoming a level 4 card sender is, so is understanding your business, niche and the types of cards you create. No one understands the value and importance behind card campaigns, SOC and social media for business like Ben Beeler. Ben utilizes SendOutCards and Facebook as his only means of advertising, marketing and keeping in touch with his customers. Ben expressed his own personal tips and advice for utilizing card sending for businesses and to never underestimate the power of the business plan.

“I want to attribute the amount of referrals Ben has received to just the cards but I can’t. I know the positive energy from Ben’s business is what let’s people know that he will take care of them.” – Kody Bateman

941051_928323623955823_103009148653834247_nWhat an incredible business testimonial to attest the power of SendOutCards and the power it holds to develop relationships while marketing prospects. Next to the stage with the eloquent Gayle Zientek as she shared her own very business testimonial and how SendOutCards has changed the game for her Real Estate business. Gayle has relationship marketing down to a science and she is considered a level 4; not only does she send cards to highlight homes on the market, she sends cards to her clients long after they have closed on a home because she chooses to create friendships and relationships with her clients.

12509416_928328817288637_8954581287170950440_nThe incomparable Dave and Lori Smith returned to stage to speak on the ease and convenience of “going mobile” this is Habit #2. “You don’t want to miss a moment in this busy world.” There are endless possibilities to add contacts to your list and send cards right then and there.

12376210_10156448601745635_1392952983919055735_nJordan Adler graced the stage with his effervescent spirit to reinforce the power of texting and the APA. Being able to adapt to your audience and ask significant questions will always be your ticket to success. Knowing whether someone is best suited for the business or for taking advantage of the product opportunity will help you sort your prospects.

940802_928336757287843_7071877851512498068_nAs Jordan completed habit #3 the lovely Melissa Barlock made her way to stage. As Melissa began she discussed how important it was to understand your “why”. Being able to talk about your why with others will help you to relate to their situation. Knowing key stories in different industries is also important so you are able to share relevant information with your prospect. Melissa went on to discuss how she always speaks of Gayle Zienteks’s success when she speaks with another realtor, because they would relate directly to the experience and understand so much easier.

12573914_928341227287396_2661766811061836264_nCallie Teegardin is a level 4-event promoter. She takes the Promptings Academy habit #4 to a whole new level. “There is extreme power in events, it’s a rippling effect that can explode your business.”. Callie expressed her passion for events and broke down the event cycle; how a small one on one goes through the flow and ultimately leading to annual convention.

“More meetings mean more money!”

Callie discussed her desire for events and when she realized there weren’t any weekly meetings in Houston she knew she had to start hosting them herself because weekly meetings take your business to the next level. She encouraged everyone in the audience to not only attend but to host meetings of the own.

“Don’t wait for someone else to start the meetings for you… do it for yourself!”

12509442_928341123954073_7287916788861179374_n“Everything you dream about is just outside of your comfort zone. Stepping outside your comfort zone gives you that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Going on from today, I want you to get excited when you get that feeling. Great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. “ Steve Schulz

Next up was the one and only, level 4 personal development star and habit #5 master, Vanessa Hunter. With personal development there are six different areas of proficiency, reading, writing, listening, visualizing, experiencing and teaching. Vanessa expressed the importance of reading personal development books including those SendOutCards related titles such as Promptings, MLM Blueprint, Beach Money and Yes, Sometimes It is About The Money. Listening is also crucial as it is the most under used and the most under developed skill in today’s society.

“You can learn a tremendous amount of information just by listening to someone.”

12509155_928349800619872_7150673590259570791_nAs Vanessa shared her personal vision board with the audience she stated, “Studies have shown that the brain doesn’t know the difference between actually having an experience and visualizing an experience.”. Vision boards are an exceptional way to visualize your goals and allow your mind to go where your dreams are living.”

Attending events will fortify your knowledge base, provide networking opportunities and reinforce your commitment to your business and personal goals. “If you haven’t done so already, you simply must plug into the event cycle.”. In order to help others and become a leader, you must master all 6 of the personal development areas. Vanessa concluded her keynote by challenging the audience to teach others the 5 habits of success with every opportunity they are given.

12541011_10208462675027373_5968866672317006330_nAs the audience rose to their feet to applaud the ever-inspiring Vanessa Hunter, Kody Bateman made his way back, front and center to the stage. As the first inaugural Prompting Academy concluded, Kody shared one last story, the story of Tony Watson and the impact he had on Kody’s life and continues to have even to this day. To become and Eagle you must possess certain attributes and those attributes lie within each one of you… it all begins with sending to give. The audience was visually treated with the “United We Send” music video and reminded to learn, love and accept people for who they are.

“Never miss an opportunity to reach out in kindness and give yourself away.”

We are so incredibly grateful to all those of you who attended the first Promptings Academy of many to come, you and your energy have made this event a success!

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  1. Lois LeSavoy Raleigh NC
    January 24, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    So bumbed out that our flights were cancelled Two of my new associates were coming with me all excited to meet Kody and learn…and I’ve never missed one of Kody’s :firsts” events till now.  Been to ost all of the “firsts” from convention to Treat’Em Right’s …..

    Lois LeSavoy Raleigh North Carolina

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