The Houston Promptings Academy Session 1 Recap


As you know, there has been a lot of buzz going around about Promptings Academy ever since it was announced during our 2015 Convention. The wait is finally over because the inaugural Promptings Academy has officially begun here in Houston, Tx. There is an energy electrically flowing through the halls of Marriott as guests begin to fill the hotel all with the same thing on their mind… Promptings Academy!

Promptings Academy is all about fusing personal development  business building fundamentals and it has been a vision Kody Bateman, Founder and CEO of SendOutCards for quite some time. Personal development  is a true passion of Kody’s and he is ecstatic to share his message with the Houston Promptings Academy attendees in the most unforgettable way possible… and you too are in for a treat!


ˈpräm(p)tiNG/ noun: The action of saying something to persuade, encourage, or remind someone to do or say something.

12400984_928179203970265_3028817902134657202_nSendOutCards was created to allow anyone to act on a prompting at any given moment in time all because of a prompting Kody Bateman received many years ago for his brother Kris. A powerful and moving story, one many have heard but still drives home the importance of acting on promptings.

As Kody shared his heart, soul and passion for his brother Kris and promptings he broke down the true meaning of inner and outer prompts we all experience. Inner promptings are the things you think and feel within yourself. The inner voices telling you what you want. When you create thoughts of how you want your life to be, you are creating a story… your story. Those are the stories you are putting out into the universe.

“The stories of your mind becoming the stories of your life. Stories, whether negative or positive will manifest into your life.”- Kody Bateman 

12321224_10208681524697816_7023361492690404585_nWho you are is what you manifest in life; this is the power of an “I Am” statement. Kody states, “When you create positive statements of who you are and who you want to be, they are received by your subconscious and then implemented.”

Negative thoughts are also received by your subconscious, which is why it is crucial to free your mind of the negativity and replace it with positive thinking. Just like the story of Gus, Kody’s dog who absolutely loved tennis balls… old, grimy tennis balls. He refused to give them up for a nice, clean new ball. Just like negativity we must give ourselves over and let go of those thoughts and emotions so we are open to allowing new, positive thoughts and feelings into our lives.

1661452_928240490630803_2894845650210571752_nAs Kody tossed tennis balls into the audience he had everyone up off their feet, ready to catch the new and release the old. The power of an “I AM” statement is direct reflection of our on purpose thoughts, those things in which we desire. The audience was prompted to write their “I AM” statements and a few volunteers from the audience stood with pride, and shared their statements. As you know, “I AM” statements are the heart of SendOutCards however during this exercise the audience took their statements, drilled them down to ultimately create 3 Core Statements.

1910068_928240340630818_7669399461684352444_nKody continued on explaining what an outer prompting was and what it has to do with you. Outer promptings are what you do with who you are. “What are you going to do with who you are?”, Kody exclaimed. When you share your best self you inspire others to share the best they have within themselves and nothing is more inspiring than Lynn Bateman, Kody’s father. A very special tribute to Lynn was shared and his legacy of helping others lives on through each one of us.

“All that you appreciate will appreciate. If you appreciate others, they will in turn appreciate you.” -Kody Bateman

With such a powerful opening to the morning, based upon promptings, appreciation and inspiration, it was the perfect segue into recognizing the SendOutCards Executives, Sr. Executives as well as the Eagles. A very sincere moment occurred during this recognition segment just before the Senior Managers paraded the stage. Brand-new Executives Ryan and Jennifer Andersen were brought to stage, applauded by all and received the up most respect for their hard work and determination. “I AM unstoppable.”—Jennifer Andersen

12540711_928309243957261_8015457243417767634_nAn incredibly electric morning it was here in Houston as the first Promptings Academy debuted for a room packed to the rim. We can’t wait to share with you what’s in store here this afternoon so stay tuned for what will be an incredible recap!

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