The Holiday Signature Series Is Here! Now What?


Now that you have had the chance to become acquainted the Holiday Signature Series, we want to make sure you know how this new offer from SendOutCards affects your business! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you as you prepare your teams for the upcoming holiday sending season.

What is in the package?     

The First Impressions Kit (including Custom Brand Manager, 6 pre-designed card campaigns and a single signature), 4 pre-designed Holiday Cards (featuring premium pearl paper), 500 Points (to send 100 cards) and $47 in expenses (to pay postage on 100 cards). Item: 12997 US$399

What if my customer wants to send more than 100 cards? 

They will just need to add Points and Expense to do so!

What if I am in Canada, Singapore, Australia or UK – do you have options for me? 

Yes! We have an international version (Item: 12999 US$467) and a Canadian version (Item: 12998 US$437) – the only difference being the amount of money in expense to cover postage.

What is the “PERK”?

If you already had the First Impressions Kit – you have received the 4 new Holiday Signature Series Cards loaded into your campaigns. Check your account today!

What if I don’t have the First Impressions Kit and I want to upgrade?

You can do that! Please see the Compensation Plan Details (page 9 or 10) for upgrade options.

Can I earn points toward the Cash for Cancun Incentive?

Yes, you will earn 3 points for every Holiday Signature Series you sponsor – which is the same as you earn for the Marketing Bundle. View complete challenge information HERE

Now that I know about this, what should I do?

We have the opportunity to disrupt the normal purchasing habits of traditional businesses and invite them to SendOutCards!

The one thing every personal assistant, front office receptionist or office manager is stressing about right now is ordering holiday cards for the business they work for. You can offer them a turn-key solution to their dilemma. Simply print off the Holiday Signature Series flyer from the download section of the Resource Center and take it in to the local businesses in your area.

Ask them two simple questions: 

       “Have you already purchased your holiday cards?”

                  YES – “Have you mailed them?” 

       “If not, I have a simple alternative for you!”

                  NO – “Then let me make your life a lot easier!”

Give them the Holiday Signature Series flyer and tell them that for $399 they can have 100 holiday cards mailed – we print them, stuff them and stamp them – so no hassle there! Better yet, they will have access to our First Impressions Cards (professionally designed cards for business and personal use) and the Custom Brand Manager (which allows them to put THEIR brand on the back of the cards instead of the SendOutCards brand). This is an easy decision because the value is extraordinary!

Keep it simple and remember – they don’t need to know all about SendOutCards, they don’t need a lesson in Relationship Marketing (yet!) and they don’t need tons of options – we are just trying to capture the businesses that do or should send holiday cards right now. We will circle back on the rest later – trust me, we have a plan for that!

Helpful Tip To Seal the Deal!

Offer to import their mailing list and set up their campaign for them so they don’t have to do anything but give you payment and a list of recipients!


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