The History of Kody Bateman

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, Kody Bateman grew up in a loving home. He grew up with 10 brothers and sisters, all of whom made life interesting throughout the years. The Bateman kids were known to be adventurous, maybe a bit mischievous, but most importantly KIND. Kody was raised knowing the importance of recognizing when another human being needed help, stepping in to be support, and to remind them how to see their own good qualities. His parents always said, “Find the best parts of yourself and give them away.”

Kody took his parents teachings very seriously, becoming interested in personal development at a young age. He graduated high school and began a 2-year mission for his faith – a mission in which he was reminded of the importance of seeing past the exterior of a person and learning about what is in their hearts. In the streets of Baltimore, Kody Bateman started his journey of bringing the world together.

Following his mission, Kody married his sweetheart Jodi, and they began a family. During this time, Kody was enrolled in the bachelor’s program at BYU for Marketing. Following his graduation and quickly seeing his potential, he was head hunted by an advertising firm in New York City. He excitedly accepted this new opportunity and began packing up his wife and young daughter to move across the country. Kody and Jodi said hasty goodbyes to their parents, and began to head out on the road. Right before leaving, Kody’s older brother Kris was out in the field by their childhood home doing some work, and the brothers shared a wave. Kody felt he should get out of the car but there was not enough time to stop and hug it out, but brothers understand that kind of stuff, so the family kept on their way

While living in New York, Kody began to see his hard work pay off. His career began taking off and things were going great until one fateful night. While sleeping in their apartment, Kody receive a call from his mother. He could tell from the moment he heard her voice, something was wrong. She called to tell him that his brother, Kris, had been killed in a work related accident. As Kody sat in his apartment, staring at the wall, he remembered how he didn’t get out of the car to say goodbye. It was a moment of regret that quickly turned to clarity – clarity that in that moment, Kody promised his brother that he would never ignore a prompting like that again and he would do everything in his power to make sure others never felt that sense of regret.

Kody was introduced to network marketing a few years later in 1991 and embraced the new concept of business. He began a telecommunications company that delivered services to other network marketing companies, but felt that was not exactly what he wanted to be doing. He knew network marketing was his niche, but he wasn’t sure what that looked like, until he remembered what he swore to his brother. He knew he had to create a system where everyone could have a way to tell others how much they matter, at any time of day. And that is where the idea for SendOutCards began.

Kody and Jodi began the SendOutCards movement. In the early years, technology barriers held them at bay, but as a family they found a way to make a digitally produced card print into a physical card to share a tangible message. Jodi recalls this time by saying, “I get really emotional when we talk about the early days of SOC. There were so many people who came in at the right time to help us in the right ways that I feel so grateful for all of the people who have been part of our company.”

And it truly was a family affair! Jodi and the kids were the Production Team. They helped print the cards, put them in the envelopes, and would lick the stamps. They would work on the cards by hand cutting them, and they would take them with them everywhere they went! In the car, outside of sporting events, they did what needed to be done to make this dream a reality.

Kody’s passion for personal development became the backbone for the SendOutCards network marketing business builders. Kody’s innate sense of finding the genius in others led him down a path to become today’s premier authority in relationship marketing. Kody has been the feature speaker at hundreds of events, including his personal Treat’em Right Seminars, Master Relationship Marketing Trainings, Promptings Academy events, and his current Relationship Marketing Summits. He travels the world as a keynote speaker and shares his message about the importance of enhancing our human connections.

SendOutCards would not be who we are today without our Founder and CVO. Kody brings his excitement for life into this business and we are grateful everyday that he made a promise to his brother and created this incredible company. So, this Boss’s Day, join us in celebrating our BOSS – Mr. Kody Bateman. Thank you for being brave enough to start this revolution of kindness.



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