The Gratitude Challenge

The time for gratitude is here and there is no better time of year to share it with others. Our question to you is – are you going to take advantage of this season and share your feelings? Do you have the courage to open up and humble yourself to acknowledge those people in your life you appreciate? We know you do and we are here to help.

SendOutCards is the mechanism that allows you to share your thoughts and emotions in a quick, easy, tangible way. Simply find a card in our Card Catalog and use your words to give it meaning. Your messages and the way you make people feel MATTER. Use this opportunity to strengthen your relationships by saying everything you never got to say.Enhance and even repair the relationships you already have by acknowledging the reasons for your gratitude and expressing them in a card.

Determining who and what you are grateful for each day begins a chain reaction in your own life as well. Sharing messages of appreciation makes you a more grateful person. You are able to see more clearly the things in your life that may not be as bad as you thought. And being able to recognize the reasons you should be grateful makes you powerful.

Each day, until the end of 2018, we challenge you to send out at least one card of gratitude. Creating this daily habit during the holiday season will ensure that you are always coming from a heart centered place. While living in a state of gratitude, you worry about the small things less and recognize the things that matter MOST. The time is now to say the things that need to be said. There is someone out there waiting to hear your message of gratitude and appreciation – let that wait be over and tell them what is in your heart.

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