Something Wicked This Way Comes: Halloween Gifts

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Something wicked this way comes… and by wicked we mean, incredibly fun and delicious! If you haven’t had chance to browse through the Gift Shop lately, you might have missed our newly added seasonal Halloween gifts and treats. Check out some of our favorite gifts below and if you see something you (or someone you know) would love, head on over to the Gift Shop and send it with a card today!

Skull Print Scarf


Depending on where you are in the world, the weather on Halloween night can fluctuate. Here at our home office in Salt Lake City, we usually get rainy, brisk Halloween nights, making this Skull Print Scarf is perfect for the outing. But don’t think this soft and cozy scarf can only be limited to Halloween! It’s light and stylish appeal is a fashion statement you can make all year long.

Monster Taffy


What would Halloween be without candy? In fact, what would Halloween be without candy corn, caramel apples and pumpkins? It wouldn’t be the same! Here in Utah, we’re kind of famous for our salt water taffy, so you this is a treat that you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Get some of these limited edition, Halloween flavored Monster Taffy now!

My Monster Mama Loves Me So
Children’s Book


With all the spooky stories brewing in this month, we’ve got a heartwarming children’s book about how monsters, ghouls and goblins. My Monster Mama Loves Me So, follows one mama monster’s love for her little monster! Perfect for bedtime and chasing all the bedtime frights away.

Wicked Witch Hat


The evolution of a witches hat has come a long way. But you can’t divert too much from the original. After all,you want to keep that same compelling feel. Our Wicked Witch Hat does just that. A structured brim with a tall, satin witch shape that includes satin roses and lots of tulle accents! Keeping a classic look with just an accent of modern, stylish flair. Dress to impress this Halloween with this classic hat.

Monster Character Cookies


Feed your inner cookie monster with these delicious Monster Character Cookies. These frightful cookies come in three sinful flavors, it’s hard to pick just one. Pair these with a tall glass of milk and some Halloween stories and movies, and you’ve got a night full of magic brewing away.

These are just a few of the great Halloween themed gifts we have available in the Gift Shop. Be sure to check back soon! We’ve got some great new Gourmet Foods and Candies coming that have that very special Fall-time flair. Enjoy!

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