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You may be thinking you already use Facebook so why do I need to use another social media site like Twitter. What kind of value does Twitter have when it comes to sales and business? Everyone knows the indisputable value of LinkedIn for Business-to-business sales, marketing, prospecting, and entrepreneurs in general. But did you know that Twitter is gaining traction when it comes to business-to-business activity and as a social marketing tool.

This SOCial Insider shares some of the latest Twitter strategies, tactics, tools, and best practices so that you can optimize your social ability on multiple platforms. Even if you’re new to Twitter and have never used it before, these simple steps and strategies will get you on your way to achieving a social presence!


TwitterDecide your purpose. Why are you using Twitter?

Some Twitter users utilize the social media site to build their company brand or generate leads. Defining your purpose will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share.

Focus on your passion.

There are millions of Twitter users tweeting thousands of pieces of information every second. Rather than trying to repurpose everything, focus on your passion. Tweets surrounding your passion are going to be stronger. Plus, you will attract users who have similar interests. 

Define your brand. 

Once you have zeroed in on your purpose and passion, decide how you want the Twitter world to view you. Do you want to specialize in one subject to attract a targeted audience? Do you want your tweets to be funny and casual or professional? This will give you direction on who to follow and what to tweet.

Determine your strategy.

Is your strategy to communicate? If your goal is to influence, promote or sell, your strategy should be communication based. You are going to want to attract attention. To attract attention, you are going to need to tweet, direct message, engage with other users and focus on getting information out in the Twitter world.

Is it to listen? If you are using Twitter to keep up on news, learn, provide customer service or perform market analysis, your strategy should be to listen. You are going to want to decide who will provide the content you’re interested in and follow them. 

Grab your name, brand or persona. (@SendOutCards)

When you are signing up, you will need to decide your Twitter name, which is how people will tag you in tweets and ultimately how you will be known on Twitter. Ours is @SendOutCards. If you can’t get your own name, add your passion or function like @PayItForward @CardsOfGratitude.

Twitter Best Practices For Business

1Take a great picture. Use a close-up headshot of yourself or a logo of your business. This image will show up on your profile page and next to any comment you make on Twitter. You want people to recognize you.

Leverage your tweets in Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. Share your Twitter content withtwitter-lists your audience on other networks by re-posting your tweets on Facebook and LinkedIn, when appropriate. 

Bridge Twitter with other media. Create a dynamic experience for your Twitter audience by including different types of media, such as images and videos.

NJI_twitter_infographicCreate and tweet great original content that fits your purpose. Create content that is informative and entertaining. Stay on top of trends and provide commentary that adds context. Show others in your industry how they can apply it to their work.

Publish your Twitter ID in your other media. I post my Twitter ID in my email signature, at the bottom of articles I write and anywhere else I think applicable. This lets people know I’m on Twitter and helps them find me. A great way to grow your following is to start with people you know and connect with them in various ways.

Use great #hashtags. Hashtags categorize

We all know that social media is the new wave of marketing, so by staying current and on top of what’s “trending” you too can ride that wave to success. Studies now show that 1 in 4 people are using social media sites to market their businesses.

Social media marketing isn’t a 40-yard dash. You can’t take off sprinting straight out of the gates for a short amount of time and expect great results.

Social media marketing is more like a marathon; you need a steady pace over a significant amount of time, putting in solid consistent effort. That is what will help you gain traction, followers and a presence in the social world.

Credits: Buffer, TwitterBiz, Forbes

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