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Social Insider long logoSocialnomics: The value created and shared via social media and its efficient influence on outcomes [economic, political, relational, etc.].

Simply put: Word of Mouth on Digital Steroids!

A subset of this is that in the future we will no longer search for things, rather they will find us via social media. One of the major components of Socialnomics is social commerce; transactions (outcomes) that occur via social media.

In a digital world where things are constantly changing we need to make sure we are staying on top of all the new and more effective strategies. Content Marketing and Social Media continue to lead digital strategies in a year when the digital revolution is taking off.

Content marketing remains king. 

Content creation increased significantly during 2014, up by 71%. A trend that is expected to continue throughout this year, and even expected to see a sharper rise as the years goes on.

 The Mobile Revolution Consolidates.

According to the new reports 58% of Americans own a smartphone. Further, the number of tablets continues to grow significantly, to the point of overcoming the traditional sales of PCs. These devices, especially smartphones, are with us all day, and are the primary means of accessing information. Having the ability to conduct business via mobile, is the new wave of commerce.


Content + Mobile + Relationship Marketing +Word of Mouth = Socialnomics

So in order to stay on top of the trends it is important to be in tune with them. Continually educating yourself on how Social Media is affecting the world, how its changing and molding us all in to mobile, on the go, information hungry individuals is crucial to be able to connect with your audience and provide the information they desire when the desire it.

Check out these 2 videos on “The Socialnomics Revolution” it will change the way you conduct business and how you approach social media. Stay engaged, be engaged and produce results with word of mouth marketing!

Credits: Business Insider, Socialnomics, Erik Qualman

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