SOCial Insider: Maximize Social Sendcere With Mobile!

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The new Social Sendcere social platform is proving to be a fantastic business builder for many of our Distributors! By utilizing this tool you are successfully building a community on your Social Sendcere Facebook page, you are also building an audience and an online conversation. There are so many tips, tricks and even business specific tools within the Social Sendcere platform for you to utilize to enhance your generation of leads. The Facebook page you are growing is a great place to nurture soft and warm leads. It allows you to connect, build relationships and educate others about the SendOutCards opportunity.

Are you utilizing all of the tools that your Social Sendcere subscription gives you access to? How about the biggest lead generating tool Social Sendcere has to offer?

Did you know that there are lead generating mobile tools available for you to use? These mobile-based tools are there for you to generate hard leads, ones that are ready and interested to learn more from you. These are the leads that will ultimately lead to sales, which is exactly what you want! Here are a few helpful tips to get you utilizing the mobile tools quickly and successfully, so you are ready and prepared to share the SendOutCards mission on the go!

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