SOC Superheroes Party: Costume and Outfit Ideas

Year after year, we see a ton of incredible costumes at our closing party. And with this year’s theme, we’re more excited than ever to see our family of superheroes, dressed to impress in their all the unique costumes.

Whether your childhood hero was Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, or a special personal hero of your own, we want to see your costume creativity shine at the SOC Superhero Closing Party.

The more innovative of you are with your costume, the greater chance you have at winning one of the great prizes we’re giving away! But in case you need some inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas below to help you to get started.

Traditional costumes

photo courtesy of boston costumes.

photo courtesy of boston costumes

These are costumes that you’ve likely seen during Halloween. There are several variations of these costumes, depending on where you’re looking. With a diverse selection of superhero attire to choose from, you have a few options when deciding how or where to get your costume. Many specialty costume shops offer both rental and purchasing options, you can also recycle old Halloween costumes, or make your own!

To find local costume shops in your area, utilize Google or your preferred search engine.

Creative “cardboard” Costumes 

photo courtesy of Geek Tyrant

photo courtesy of Geek Tyrant

An innovative take on costumes with some cardboard and paint.

DIY costumes

Inspired by some of the costumes above, but not looking to break the bank? Or needing a little more inspiration to design your own superhero outfit? Make your own costume with a few everyday items.


Additionally, you can read more on some basic superhero costumes “How-To’s” by visiting WikiHow.

If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free way to get a costume for the big party, we recommend renting or purchasing from a specialty costume store. However, if you’re looking for a little more personalization and personality, create your own costumes!


We’re looking forward to seeing you at convention and at the closing party. If you haven’t registered yet, get your tickets now by click HERE. Close out an incredible weekend at the Revolution Convention in style. See you soon!

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