SOC Hot 100 – You Have To Be VIP!

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Do you ever wonder what it must feel like to be treated like a VIP? Then we have got the experience for you! Each year during our Annual Convention we have special group of distributors who enjoy the event as our VIP guests. This includes early access seating to events, special take-away prizes and most exclusively our VIP Event.

Don’t believe us? Watch our VIP Recap video from our last convention to see what fun we are talking about.


See, we told you it was amazing! Ready to see more? Check out our Facebook page and you will find our album of VIP Photos.

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Ready to see where you rank? Check out our updated points list below and make sure you get yourself on the leader board!

*Please Note: This list of points includes all points earned through May 18, 2016.

LEADERBOARD May 201-33-34-2

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