SendOutCards Newest Eagle – Phebe Trotman

We are proud beyond measure to introduce our new Eagle, Phebe Trotman! SendOutCards has been much more than a business opportunity to Phebe. It allows her to share kind words of appreciation, support and encouragement whenever she wants — something she has always longed to do. Her genuine personality exemplifies the SendOutCards philosophy. Phebe just resides in British Columbia, though she travels to her second home Barbados often. She is a passionate soccer player and has coached many teams all while building her SendOutCards business.

We are extremely proud of all of her accomplishments and the many individuals lives she has touched in her journey. She is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes and we are privileged she shares her light with all of us. So Phebe, from all of us at SendOutCards – congratulations!

“I love the philosophy of sending a heartfelt card a day to reach out in kindness to another person, to say those things that we should be saying, but that we rarely do.” – Phebe Trotman

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