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Sendcere FAQ

Revised 9/10/2014

What is Sendcere?
Sendcere is a brand new social sharing platform featuring greeting cards created by SendOutCards users. Browse through thousands of cards…. get inspired, build friendships and strengthen your business. By reaching out to others we are creating a revolution of kindness. The application has become an open beta to the public on was on July 28, 2014. Updated 7/28/2014 

How does Sendcere work?
Sendcere provides a visual display of greeting cards that have been Collected to Sendcere by SendOutCards users. Cards can be Collected to SendCere from the SendOutCards card catalog during the sending process.

Updated 7/28/2014

What is a Sendcere Card Sharing Kit?

The Sendcere Card Sharing Kit is an ingenious way to share the experience of Sendcere and SendOutCards with your social media contacts for free. It will allow you to purchase pre-paid greeting cards in various quantities. Once you have purchased your pre-paid greeting cards you can share all of your fantastic card creations on all of your social media channels. By purchasing and setting up the Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing on your account anyone can click on the link you shared and they will be able to send a card through Sendcere, free of charge.

Updated 9/4/2014

How many Sendcere Card Sharing Kits are there to choose from?

You have a couple of options when purchasing a Sendcere Card Sharing Kit. You can either buy them in 10 or 70 greeting card pack bundles. Each of these kits includes enough postage for the 10 or 70 greeting card kit that you purchased. International kit options are also available to cover the additional cost of international postage. Please keep this in mind when making your kit choice as people outside the U.S. may click on your card.

Updated 9/4/2014

What is a Mini Splash Pak?

A Mini Splash Pak comes with 25 bonus points and 2 stamps. Mini Splash Paks come in a bundle of 10 purchased alone or a bundle of 10 purchased with the Sendcere Dual Sharing Kit. The domestic version of the bundle of 10 is $78 plus tax and the international version is $88 plus tax. The international options include enough funds to cover the additional postage.

Updated 9/4/2014 

What is the Sendcere Dual Sharing Kit?

The Sendcere Dual Sharing kit comes with 10 Mini Splash Pak accounts and 30 pre-paid greeting cards for Sendcere. Each Mini Splash Pak includes 25 points and 2 stamps. The domestic version is $150 plus tax and the International version is $185 plus tax, which covers the additional cost of international postage.

Updated 9/4/2014

Can a customer purchase a Mini Splash Pak, Sendcere Card Sharing Kit or a Sendcere Dual Sharing Kit?

No, these products are only available for SendOutCards Distributors (MDs and IDs).

Updated 9/4/2014

Where do I buy these new packages?

Sendcere Card Sharing Kits, the Sendcere Dual Sharing Kit and Mini Splash Paks are available for Distributors to purchase by clicking on the Purchase Products link from the Account dropdown, found in the upper right corner of the Main Menu.

Updated 9/4/2014 

Where do I turn on the Sendcere Pre-Paid Greeting Cards?

After Sendcere pre-paid greeting cards have been purchased, you must then enable this feature. To access the “Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing” toggle, log into your SendOutCards account, scroll over Account on the top right and click on Sendcere Card Sharing Kits. Once you have clicked the link you will see the “Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing” toggle. Click the toggle to turn this feature on or off anytime you’d like. If free card sharing is on, the switch will be green.

Updated 9/4/2014

What does someone see if they try to send a free card and I have the Pre-Paid Greeting Card option turned off?

If you have turned off your “Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing” toggle, the person sending a card on your account will not be able to send a greeting card for free. They will have the option to send a card and pay for it or to contact you for more information.

Updated 9/4/2014

What does someone see if they try to send a free card and I have the Pre-Paid Greeting Card option turned on?
If you have turned on your “Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing” toggle, the person sending a card on your account will see a green “Send Free Card” button instead of the standard green “Send” button and will have the ability to send any postcard or greeting card free of charge, postage included.

Updated 9/4/2014

What will happen if someone is in the middle of sending a free card and the Pre-Paid Greeting Card option is turned off?

If this occurs, the sender will receive a pop up message indicating that all free offers have been utilized and it will now cost a $1.98 plus postage to send the greeting card.

Updated 9/4/2014

Where do I view how many Sendcere Pre-Paid Greeting Cards I have or who has redeemed them?

Log into your SendOutCards account, scroll over Account on the top right and click on Sendcere Card Sharing Kits. Once you have clicked the link you will see the break down of pre-paid greeting cards packs you have purchased. If you click on the arrow to the right you will be able to see who has utilized the pre-paid greeting card offer and on what date. You will also be able to see how many cards are remaining from each particular Sendcere Card Sharing Kit purchase.

Updated 9/4/2014

How does a prospect send a Pre-Paid Greeting Card?

If you have turned on your “Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing” toggle, the person sending a card on Sendcere will see a green “Send Free Card” button. They will simply click on the button and create their card. During the check out process they will see the cost of the card crossed out with FREE next to it showing them how much you paid for their card.

Updated 9/4/2014

What types of cards are included in the Sendcere Card Sharing Kit and Sendcere Dual Sharing Kit?

The person sending the pre-paid greeting card will have the ability to choose between a postcard and a 2-panel greeting card. If a 3-panel or BIG card is selected, they will need to pay to send these cards.

Updated 9/4/2014

What type of account will someone have if they redeem a Pre-Paid Greeting Card?

The card sender will be set up with a Pay-As-You-Go account once they have created their account, which occurs during the checkout process while sending their first card.

Updated 9/4/2014

Can I turn the Pre-Paid Greeting Card option on or off for specific people?

No. If you’ve turned the “Pre-Paid Greeting Card Sharing” toggle to on, it will be on for ALL individuals you who visit your Sendcere account. You are not able to select individual users for the free card.

Updated 9/4/2014

How are commissions and bonuses paid on the Sendcere Card Sharing Kit purchases?

Depending on the type of kit purchased, the payout will differ. For a full breakdown of the payout structure please see the Sendcere Card Sharing Kit instructional PDF or the Compensation Plan Details on the Downloads section of the website.

Updated 9/4/2014

Can I earn bonuses when kits are purchased?

Yes. Payouts include a bonus paid directly to the sponsoring distributor, also known as a Kit Cash Bonus, and a coded Leadership Bonus paid to the sponsoring distributor’s coded upline. For full details about these bonuses, please see SendOutCards’Compensation Plan Details on the Downloads section of the website. Q Qualification is required for the both the Kit Cash and Leadership Bonuses.

Updated 9/4/2014

Can the same person use up all of my Pre-Paid Greeting Cards?

There is minimal risk for such abuse because each time a person accesses your account to use a free greeting card they have to create a new account with a unique email address. The SendOutCards Compliance Department also monitors such behavior to prevent this abuse.

Updated 9/4/2014

Do the greeting cards in a Sendcere Card Sharing Kit expire?

Yes. The greeting cards in the Sendcere Card Sharing Kit are valid for one year from the original purchase date.

Updated 9/4/2014

How is sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is calculated based on the cost of the Sendcere Card Sharing Kit you purchase. The sales tax for the Mini Splash Paks is determined based on the retail value of points in the Mini Splash Pak, which is $77.50 for 10.

Updated 9/4/2014

If I purchase an International Sendcere Dual Sharing Kit or International Sendcere Card Sharing Kit, can I send cards domestically?

Yes, you may send a pre-paid greeting card domestically using an international kit, however we recommend that you purchase both domestic and international kits if cards will be sent internationally. The system will calculate which pre-paid greeting card to use, between domestic and international, if you have purchased both. However, if you buy only domestic, you will not be able to send cards internationally.

Updated 9/4/2014

Can an account created through Sendcere add a subscription?

Yes, the customer may add a subscription to the account by following the steps outlined below:

  1. From the customer’s Main Menu, click on Buy Points & Expense.
  2. Click on “Subscribe” in the middle of the page.
  3. Select the desired subscription, click CONTINUE at the bottom of the page and proceed through check out.

Updated 9/4/2014

If a card posted in Sendcere is shared on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc.), and someone clicks on the link posted in social media and sends the card, whose customer will they become?

If they are not already a SendOutCards customer, the person who shares the card to social media gets the customer, regardless of who originally created or Collected the card on Sendcere.

Updated 7/28/2014

What happens if my friend clicks on a card that I shared from Sendcere to Facebook?
Your friend will be directed to the Sendcere website, directly to the card location showing what you shared on Facebook.

Updated 7/28/2014

Will my friend have to create an account to see cards on Sendcere?
No, your friend will be able to browse cards on Sendcere but once they choose an action such as “Favorite”, “Collect” or “Send” on a card, they will be prompted to create an account (Name, Email, User Name and Password). The account will be linked to YOU since you originally shared the card they clicked on to get to Sendcere in the first place!

Updated 7/28/2014

Will I be notified when I get a new customer through Sendcere so I can follow up with them?  Yes, you will receive the same notification that you do for customers now.

Updated 7/28/2014

Will new Sendcere customers be sent any kind of a welcome email from SendOutCards?  If so, will the customer be given my contact information so they can contact me if they have questions or need assistance?  Yes, they will receive the same training emails that your current customers get. You can view the emails HERE, which are also located on the Site Map.

Updated 7/28/2014

Will Sendcere customers have any way of learning about our business opportunity?  You will need to introduce them to this, as they will only receive customer-training emails from SendOutCards.

Updated 7/28/2014 

If I share a card in Sendcere and someone else shares it on Facebook, who will be the sponsor of the person who clicks on the card to send it?
If they are not already a SendOutCards customer, the person who shares the card to social media gets the customer, regardless of who originally created the card or Collected it on Sendcere. This open sharing philosophy is similar to that of Pinterest and other social media platforms. The difference being that Pinterest is a collection of everything from recipes to shoes, while Sendcere is solely focused on greeting cards, making it simple for users to visually locate exactly what they need, when they need it!

Updated 7/28/2014

What happens to someone who goes directly to who does not already have a SendOutCards Account?
They will be able to browse cards on Sendcere. Once they choose an action such as “Favorite”, “Collect” or “Send” on any card on Sendcere, they will be prompted to create an account (Name, Email, User Name and Password). Since the new customer does not have a Sponsor for them to be tied to, they will be placed in an “Orphan Account” unless a distributor who sent them to Sendcere claims them as their Customer. The revenue from this orphan account will fund the Monthly Manager Bonus Pool so everyone who qualifies for a share will benefit.

Updated 7/28/2014

How do I “Claim” someone from the Orphan Account?
If someone you’ve been prospecting accidentally ends up in the Orphan Account, you can send an email to with CLAIM AN ORPHAN in the subject line. Make sure your name and your ID number, along with their name.

Updated 7/28/2014

If I paid for the rights to use a copyrighted image in a card, can I share that on Sendcere so others can use the card?
The content on Sendcere is entirely user created. Once it is shared on Sendcere, it is available for free use by anyone. As with all SendOutCards cards, creators should be aware of trademark and copyright infringement and only load content they own or have purchased the rights to such as their own personal photos and artwork. If an image was purchased, the license must be open for anyone to use. If you don’t know if you own the rights to the image then you shouldn’t assume you do. Using an image copied from the internet does not necessarily grant you the rights to use the image. The person who creates the card is responsible for its content.

Updated 7/28/2014

How can I tell if an image is copyrighted? 

Here are some articles on copyrights and the internet:

Updated 7/28/2014

Is someone from the SendOutCards staff patrolling to ensure that objectionable material is not posted in Sendcere?

Yes, and you can help report cards too. There is a flag containing a drop down menu on the bottom right corner once you click on a card. Click the drop down menu and select why you find it objectionable and would like to report the card. These reports will be reviewed and if determined objectionable, the card will be removed from Sendcere.

Updated 7/28/2014

Whose cards show in the “My Organization” tab?

Any card on Sendcere that has been Favorited by your downline or upline will show in the “My Organization” tab.

Updated 7/28/2014 

Can anyone in the world use Sendcere?

Yes. Anyone in the world can use and send cards from Sendcere.

Updated 7/28/2014

How does Sendcere work with a Gift Account Walkthrough?

A gift account walkthrough and a new user through Sendcere work completely different. If you want a user to see a gift account walkthrough you will need to direct them to your marketing page to view the videos. If the person sends a card through Sendcere they will not see anything related to the gift account walkthrough.

Updated 7/28/2014

Why isn’t Instagram a sharing option?

The reason you cannot share a card from Sendcere to Instagram is because there is not a way to add a link to direct a consumer back to Sendcere and you as their sponsor. In other words, if we allowed posts from Sendcere to Instagram your followers would only see an image of the card with no way to access it.

Updated 7/28/2014 

How much does it cost to send a card from Sendcere?

A brand new SendOutCards user has the ability to purchase a postcard, two-panel, three-panel or BIG card with a credit card through Sendcere. Pricing will vary depending on the card purchased, outlined below. Unlimited images may be added to the card.

Card Type                                    Credit Card Charge

Postcard                                        $1.98 + Postage

2-panel                                          $1.98 + Postage

3-panel                                          $2.64 + Postage

BIG Card                                        $10.56 + Postage

Anyone who an existing customer or distributor with SendOutCards will purchase their cards from Sendcere for the same rate they currently do.

Updated 8/6/2014

How do I pay to send a card from Sendcere?

At the current time, only a brand new SendOutCards user will have the ability to purchase a card through Sendcere with a credit card. Anyone who is an existing customer or distributor with SendOutCards will purchase their cards using points and expense.

Updated 8/6/2014

How is volume paid on an individual card purchased with a credit card?

When a new user purchases a card with a credit card from Sendcere, a portion of that card is paid out in volume. The volume payout and cost the customer pays for each card type is listed below.

Card Type                                         Volume Paid                                   Credit Card Charge

Postcard                                             3 Points or $0.93                               $1.98 + Postage

2-panel                                               3 Points or $0.93                               $1.98 + Postage

3-panel                                               4 Points or $1.24                               $2.64 + Postage

BIG Card                                             16 points or $4.96                            $10.56 + Postage

In addition to above volume, Retail Sales Commission will be paid. Distributors earn up to 30% for their personally enrolled customers.

Updated 8/6/2014

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