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sendcere_logo_2colorWe are about to experience the most momentous, game-changing and anticipated event in SendOutCards history, the release of our new social platform, Sendcere! We want to make sure that you are ready to go the day of the launch and can capitalize on all the fun and exciting opportunities we have lined up for you.

First things first, the Sendcere-ly Awesome Webinar has Sendcere envelopelimited seating available which means you’ll want to gather your team and register now to attend and listen to this instructive, information packed event. So how do YOU solve this problem of limited seating? With all the buzz and excitement floating around, it gives you a chance to fill up your home, by throwing your very own Sendcere Launch Party! This is the perfect opportunity to invite family, friends, distributors and customers and prospects to gather together for this once in a lifetime moment.

Whether you have 5, 10 or even 50 people at your party, you are eligible for one of our        Social Media Challenges. We will have several prizes to give away as well as many other Social Media Challenges. Be sure to stay tuned and connected to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Now with all the excitement of the LIVE webinar we wanted to include some thrilling challenges for you to participate in while you are enjoying the Launch Party! Here are the details:




           Sendcere Selfie Contest: Get all of your house guests together, take a photo and post it to our Corporate Facebook page on Monday evening.

         Where’s Waldo… Sendcere Style: Throughout the night we will drip clues to you about a certain card hidden somewhere in Sendcere. The first person to find the card and post it on our Corporate Facebook page will win.

         Most popular: During the webinar we will be announcing the cards that have been shared, collected, and favorited the most on Sendcere. Their creators will win a special prize.

        SendOutCards Trivia: Stay connected to our Social Media Channels throughout the night, as we will randomly push SOC trivia to you. The first person to correctly answer the question will be our winner!

Are you ready to win? Then you know where you need to be!

We are elated to have you join Steve Schulz and Vanessa Hunter for the Official Sendcere Launch Webinar. This is the BIG unveiling of what we have all been on the edge of our seats for!


Next Monday, July 28th at 6:00 p.m. (MT) Steve Schulz and Vanessa Hunter will be hosting a Sendcere-ly Awesome Webinar. This webinar will take place during the Leadership Call time slot Monday evening. Make sure you register today if you haven’t done by clicking on the following link: Sendcere-ly Awesome Webinar Registration

Seating for this big event is limited so be sure to secure your spot and we will see you Monday, July 28th at 6:00pm (MT).

Gather your teams, prepare for the Sendcere Challenges and let’s get this party started!


“Sencere Changes Everything!”-Jordan Adler

 First Walk Through of Sendcere with Vanessa and Steve


Sendcere, A Game Changer For SendOutCards

In the current issue of the Summer 2014 SOCStars MagazineVice President of Marketing, Vanessa Hunter expresses her undying excitement for the launch of Sendcere and what it means for all of us here at SendOutCards. It has been said, that what digital photos did for the photography industry, Sendcere will do for the greeting card industry. Sendcere is a significant piece to the puzzle and will stand out in the social platform world as a unique entity offering an experience beyond imaginable.                  Sendcere Social

 “Sendcere will interface with major social platforms with millions of users and from a social sharing standpoint, Sendcere is poised to capture the attention of every one of those users, in an arena they are already playing in.” – Vanessa Hunter

sendcere_trending_social_cardSendcere allows us to embrace our open sharing philosophy, that naturally attracts people to the business. This amplifies the reach of our efforts and enhances our connections with people all over the world. SendOutCards is exposing the power of our best product — the greeting card — by unleashing the creativity of our entire community while harnessing the power of social media.

To read more about Sendcere, why it is the ultimate game-changer and how it will change the way we do business forever read Vanessa Hunter’s full article below or click the following link.


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