Sendcere, A Game Changer For SendOutCards

In the current issue of the Summer 2014 SOCStars Magazine, Vice President of Marketing, Vanessa Hunter expresses her undying excitement for the launch of Sendcere and what it means for all of us here at SendOutCards. It has been said, that what digital photos did for the photography industry, Sendcere will do for the greeting card industry. Sendcere is a significant piece to the puzzle and will stand out in the social platform world as a unique entity offering an experience beyond imaginable.                  Sendcere Social

 “Sendcere will interface with major social platforms with millions of users and from a social sharing standpoint, Sendcere is poised to capture the attention of every one of those users, in an arena they are already playing in.” – Vanessa Hunter

sendcere_trending_social_cardSendcere allows us to embrace our open sharing philosophy, that naturally attracts people to the business. This amplifies the reach of our efforts and enhances our connections with people all over the world. SendOutCards is exposing the power of our best product — the greeting card — by unleashing the creativity of our entire community while harnessing the power of social media.

Read more about Sendcere, learn why it is the ultimate game-changer and how it will change the way we do business forever read Vanessa Hunter’s full article below or click the following link.


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  1. July 29, 2014 at 9:08 am

    I think this is going to be awesome!

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