Save The Best For Last!

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The final day of the Leadership Retreat was by far the most thrilling, impactful and future assuring day of them all. This is the day that set everyone on their course for success and prepped them with a plan to take forth and spread to their teams and to the world.

As the leaders gathered Saturday morning, Steve took to the stage. Immediately the energy was through the roof because everyone knew something amazing was about to happen. Steve stated, “Kody wants to put more money in your pockets, faster. Today will be a road map that leads us there.”

“How do you be successful in this business? You have fun. We have fun.”–Kody Bateman

1502172_10152763821319707_7703043972793856153_oKody went on to talk about Jordan Adler and a post many of you may have seen on Facebook about all the things you love about SendOutCards. The response to Jordan’s post was overwhelming due to the true sincere love for the company. Kody took that concept and made it in to a real life activity. He prompted the leaders to make a list of things that they love about SendOutCards, this is a tool, this is a mindset strategy, this simple activity is something you can do on a regular basis to remind you of your journey and why you are here with SendOutCards.

10646671_10205250893374177_8354984174581171921_nNeedless to say, Kody kicked off the day with the ┬áright mindset, mentality and energy. Kody expressed his joy for the business, the ease and simplicity of acting on promptings. “How easy is this?” he questioned, followed by unison head nods and cheers. Kody expressed his love for the field, our unmatched leadership, the joy of having residual relationships and that we are exactly what the world needs right now!

One profound statement, “If you want to become a millionaire, you need to follow the millionaires”. The funnel system is simplicity at it’s finest. We ARE a network marketing company and it’s all about getting people to see a presentation. “The fundamental road block in SOC is… getting people into the business. All you need to do is get them to see the presentation. Show them the business and product at the same time, and let the joy and spirit of the company do the rest”. Kody went on about the Funnel System and walked through an overview of that process, showing just how easy it truly is.

“The greatest thing about SOC is the power of the product. We need to inspire others to act on their promptings by showcasing the opportunity with SendOutCards.” -Kody Bateman

After an awe-inspiring presentation with Founder and CEO, Kody Bateman, it was time for the awards ceremony. This is an exciting and inspirational time to be able to recognize those who have achieved greatness with the company.

matthew-barosThe meeting was at an all time high, but the attendees had no idea that what was coming next would blow their socks off! Steve and Vanessa introduced to the stage our very on CIO Matt Baros to discuss some exciting new developments and enhancements along with Matt was a special guest to SOC, that too introduced an eye popping presentation announcing the latest launch with SOC.

Want to know what was presented? You’ll have to check back here tomorrow to find out!!

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  1. VirginiaTimmins
    February 22, 2015 at 9:49 am

    I’ve been away from my account for a while and am now trying to open the mobile app. I have an iphone5s. The error msg. says Provided credentials for client(soc) are not for a paying user. I’m not sure where to get help.

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