Retreat To Alcatraz!


Welcome to another day at the Leadership Retreat.! This day has a wild and mystical tour in store for our leaders; one that is full of legends, tall tales, eery feelings and one of a kind history. Friday morning began with an appearance from Kody, Steve and Vanessa to prepare the group for the tour of a lifetime. 

Untitled design (3)Next up, Alcatraz! That’s right… the Leadership group headed to tour the infamous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Often known as “The Rock” Alcatraz was  designed to house those criminal who continually and repeatedly caused issues at other penitentiaries. Although Alcatraz was only in use for 29 years it was the home to the countries most dangerous outlaws, bank robbers, mobsters and other notorious criminals.  During its 29 years of operation, the penitentiary claimed that no prisoner successfully escaped, although a total of 36 prisoners made 14 escape attempts. Alcatraz is truly a mysterious landmark and our leaders are in for a treat!

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It was a humbling and somber experience touring the prison. All of the  distributors experienced incredible and insightful reflections throughout the day. “It had a somber energy but it relates back to how I want to life my life. Going back to corporate life and being in my own private prison. The contrast to SendOutCards is even more special.” Said one distributor.

The tour through Alcatraz was one unique way to reflect back on the choices that are made and the life you choose. The SendOutCards mantra includes positivity and giving back to others and in doing so we know that your life will be filled with abundance and joy.

After the memorable time at Alcatraz, the leaders headed back to the Palace Hotel for their final gathering for the day. Vanessa Hunter and Steve Schulz got the energy up and pumping for what would certainly be a unique activity for the leaders to participate in,  “CEO For A Day.”

Untitled design (6)The distributors were sectioned into specific groups. Each group was given a current topic on SendOutCards and assigned to elect a CEO and come up with a solution that would benefit both the distributors and the company. Each group was allotted time to present their topic and the solution to the room.

This activity was eye opening for many as it impacted them greatly by giving them first hand experience and the understanding of what our corporate executives go through when big decisions are made within the company.

“It reaffirmed our respect and admiration for the corporate executives.” – Bo Lowe.

Untitled design (7)The time is now to look forward, move forward and to build the greatness that is SendOutCards. The staple of this weekend has been about recruiting. Refocusing on the business, helping others to grow and to fully commit yourself to being apart of this wonderful journey together. Our SOC family is what keeps us connected, it is what keeps us strong and it is what keeps us united.

“You have to present the Business Opportunity every time. Doesn’t matter what the comp plan is, getting more people in the system the THE answer. Recruiting fixes everything!” Kody Bateman. 

This was a great reminder to all as to why they joined the business and how they can continue to lead and to grow with SendOutCards. Tune in tomorrow to see what SendOutCards has in store for this leadership group!

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  1. October 19, 2014 at 12:30 am

    What. An. Amazing. Few. Days!!! (that is all)

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