Reasons To Send Gifts!

Each month, there are many reasons to celebrate – many that you may not even know! In our Greetings! Newsletter we share with you different reasons to send cards and we want you to know that we have gifts to match. And now, we present to you, the January 2017 Reasons to Send GIFTS edition!

(Click on the links or the photos to be taken to Gift details.)

January 6th – National Shortbread Day

Know someone who loves shortbread? Send them our Scrumptious Assortment Premium Collection. This gift is perfect for sharing and includes many of our other decadent treats, including shortbread cookies.



January 11th – National Milk Day

While we won’t send you milk, we have the perfect gourmet food pairings to encourage milk drinking! Send our brownies, cookies, or any of our scrumptious treats to help those around you drink more milk.

January 19th – National Popcorn Day

Whether you are looking for something salty or something sweet, our popcorn is the perfect treat! Choose from a variety of different choices.

January 22nd – National Blonde Brownie Day

One of our classic treats with a twist! Enjoy our Blonde Butterscotch Brownies as a special treat.




January 26th – Australia Day

Send your favorite Aussie some LOVE for Australia Day!




January 29th – National Puzzle Day

Celebrate National Puzzle Day by sending one of our puzzles to someone you know! We have puzzles for the children and those young at heart.

January 31st – National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Inspire your heart by creating your own art! Send out coloring books to inspire the hearts of those around you. When you are finished with your art design, take a photo and put it on a card to keep the inspiration going!









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