Ready For The Wall Of Fame?

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Silver, Gold & Platinum – Let’s Make It Rain!

Are you ready to make your mark and shoot to the top of our SOC Hot 100 List? Become a Silver, Gold or Platinum artist and your VIP spot is guaranteed.

You may be asking, how do I become a Silver, Gold or Platinum record seller? By rank advancing, that’s how! Become an Executive, Senior Executive or an Eagle during the challenge dates and earn your respective record:

            Silver Record = Executive

            Gold Record = Senior Executive

            Platinum Record = Eagle


Now, start composing your record and watch your name hit the top of the charts! And don’t forget, we recognize all new Executives and above on-stage during our Annual Convention – get to work because we are ready to see your name in LIGHTS!

Learn more about the SOC Hot 100 List and how you can participate!

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