Passover & Easter Holidays

The early stages of spring have begun to bloom which means a time of reflection and rebirth is upon us. This is a time to honor one another’s traditions and learn new ways of celebrating with those around us.

The Passover and Easter holidays are upon and are celebrated at the very end of March and the first day of April. This is a perfect time of year to send out festive cards that represent each holiday. You will find them all in our Card Catalog.

Passover begins on March 30, 2018 (in Israel) for the first Seder, and is then celebrated March 31 with the second Seder for those not living in Israel. This is a time when families gather to enjoy traditional meals and rituals to celebrate this special time of year.



Easter is celebrated on April 1, 2018. Most families have tailored their day around their traditions, whether they are religious or not. Most traditions include Easter egg hunting, family gatherings, and a festival feast enjoyed either during brunch or evening.



Take some time to learn something new about one of these beautiful holidays. There are many of us around the world and spending some time to learn about one another’s customs helps to bring us together as one.

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