O.C Treat’ em Right Seminar

The O.C Treat’em Right Seminar kicked off last night with a special Friday night training event which included moments from our Corporate Executives along side special guests Jordan Adler, Margie Aliprandi and Leslie Zann. Read more about this exclusive training event and to learn about the trade secrets and practices shared with the attendees from these legendary industry leaders!

Untitled design-8President of Field Operations Steve Schulz kicked off the event with an incredible business opportunity presentation that left the crowd excited and wanting more. His quote “Nothing great has come from being realistic,” was a great start to the evening, setting the tone for what would be an excellent night. This simple sentiment was well received with an enthusiastic round of applause. The SendOutCards opportunity is here and it is creating a reputable name in the network marketing business. With our recent release of Sendcere, SendOutCards has launched in to an era of business that has gone virally social; making the process of acting on your promptings easier and providing you with the opportunity to share with others.

Untitled design-9Eagle Distributor, Jordan Adler, made a huge impact by sharing his three major distinctions on leveraging the SendOutCards business opportunity. 

  • Leverage of Influence
  • Leverage of Intention
    • Intention + Mechanism = Results
  • The Leverage of Reciprocity

“When you do nice things for people, they will want to be nice to you. Shift your focus to positivity and leverage it to get positivity back”.–Jordan Adler

When you can fully understand the outline and core of the SendOutCards opportunity, you can begin to leverage the appropriate tools in order to create results. Utilizing tools is crucial for your business and understanding how to maximize each tool will ultimately bring you closer towards your goals.

10661979_10152702291255874_4535597224437304747_oAs the first break concluded, Founder and CEO Kody Bateman took to the stage. Kody, elated and enthused, opened up his presentation with Sendcere, SendOutCards’ very own social media platform. He expressed that this new marketing tool has grown exponentially and has become a leading platform in today’s social media market. Kody is a visionary, a leader and man with a giant heart. Kody has always had a passion for helping others especially the average person who may have not had the right opportunities come their way. He understands what this is like, he can relate to these feeling and he knows the desires they have to be successful, because has been there.

SendOutCards was designed to inspire others to act on their promptings, to reach out and engage someone, anyone, because at that moment it felt like the right thing to do. Having an attitude of gratitude is part of the foundation of this business and Kody has always had the desire to help those in need. Kody expressed his passion for making the average person rich, because he too is an average person. The SendOutCards business opportunity is changing lives each and every day, giving the opportunity for anyone to supplement their income and gain traction on their personal goals, in a way that is expressing gratitude and kindness on a daily basis.

“I can do great things. We all have greatness within us.” – Kody Bateman

“I want to challenge everyone in this room to reach greatness.” – Kody Bateman

Untitled design-7Next up to the stage was Margie Aliprandi— Industry Expert; known for building one of the world’s largest teams; 250 thousand members spanning across 29 countries and in the top one percent of NWM earners. Margie is a sought after public speaker and coach and we were blessed with her presence at our TER event. Margie’s spoke on the power you have in decision-making, believing and visualizing to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

 “Have you noticed that successful people make decisions quickly and never waver on the decision after-ward. There is power in a truly committed decision.”

“You are an unrepeatable miracle. There is no mistake you are here and you need to make this time great.”

Margie expressed the three most important and essential areas of belief, for your success with SendOutCards.

  1. Belief in the company mission, vision and products
  2. Belief in the network marketing business model
  3. Belief in yourself and your ability to get to the top of your pay plan

Untitled design-6 Following Margie was her business partner and fellow speaker at their critically acclaimed Big Business Breakthrough events, Leslie Zann. Leslie is a leader of leaders, she has been on both sides of the fence; building her own million dollar business and serving as a National Director of Field Operations for multiple Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies. SendOutCards was honored to have her at our Friday evening training event and we know the attendees were impacted greatly by her presentation. Leslie spoke on having courage, but not just any courage, “Outrageous Courage”.

“Be willing to see things differently.”

Leslie gave the attendees the ultimate “call to action”, encouraging each one of them to use these four significant practices in their daily lives and especially in their businesses.

  1. Take time outs in order to re-evaluate your SendOutCards business and clear the muddied view. Make a gratitude list and be thankful of the life you have.
  2. Take charge of your mind and remove the limits you are creating. Deciding to be in, is the day everything will change.
  3. Take action by starting with the end in mind. Take a leap of faith. Take risks to reclaim your life and rekindle your spirit.
  4.  Feel the fear and do it anyway. Confronting your fears gives you satisfaction and a sense of being unstoppable.

Untitled design-10The evening was simply a knockout, many attendees left the evening saying that it was the most incredible training event they have ever attended. It was an impactful night, with major key elements and practices being shared by industry leaders; to better each and every SendOutCards distributor. Stay tuned for more updates from this weekend’s event, as we are coming to you live from the O.C TER!

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  1. lauriedelk
    September 27, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    Having attended almost 30 TER’s over the years, I learn more and more at each one – and always make it my plans to be at one if at all possible!

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