November Eagle’s Challenge Winners

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Congratulations to all of our November Eagle’s Challenge top point-earners! Take a moment to view everyone who landed a spot in our top spots and earned cash prizes, below. Send them a card – let them know how proud you are of them!

1       Donna Warnes – Not Pictured

2      Bryan Waggoner – Not Pictured

3      Yvette Simmons

1-Yvette Simmons

4          Shane & Cindy Hicks

3-Shane & Cindy Hicks

4          Billy Aycock, Jr

3-Billy Aycock

4          Melissa Barlock

3-Melissa Barlock

7          Joe Schnur

6-Joe Schnur

8          Gail Smith – Not Pictured

9          Jules Price

9-Jules Price

10       Bo and Grace Lowe

10-Bo & Grace Lowe

10       Wayne Beasley – Not Pictured

10       Rick Shivers

10-Rick Shivers

13       Dean & Carolyn Gialamas

13-Dean & Carol Gialamas

13       Judy O’Higgins

13-Judy O'Higgins

15       Sanju Choudhury

15-Sanju Choudhury

15       Michelle Slaney – Trovato

15-Michelle Slaney-Trovato

15       Yvonne Karkut – Not Pictured

15       Phebe Trotman

15-Phebe Trotman

15     Monica Mcnamara


View the full list of winners here. Congrats again!

  1 comment for “November Eagle’s Challenge Winners

  1. Dhea Bartlett
    December 6, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    Congratulations guys. You are all so worthy of the win.

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