New Wedding Gifts Available Now!

Key to Happy Marriage  943Love is a beautiful thing. There aren’t very many things that can compare to the sheer magic of two people coming together and promising one another a lifetime of everlasting love and friendship. Help celebrate this special union with one of our beautiful new wedding gifts. From the sweet Wedding Time Capsule to the lighthearted Getting to Know You Game, there’s something for all couples out there. See the new gifts below and then head over to the Gift Shop to start celebrating love today!

I Love You Because Board 


Write down one reason every night or morning why you love each other with this beautiful “I Love You Because” Board. This board comes with an elegant frame that’s perfect for your nightstand or to hang anywhere in your home. Never forget the reasons why you fell in love. A perfect wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because gift. View this gift now.

The Getting To Know You Game


There are an unlimited amount of questions that newlyweds or an engaged couple can ask each other to better get to know one another. We’ve created this fun game to do just that! Inquiries range from describing your dream job, to listing your favorite movie theater treats. Even couples that have been married for years can enjoy this game. It’s an entertaining gift to send any newlywed couple! View this gift now.

The Newlywed Premium Collection

Newlywed-Premium-Collection     8152

Celebrate the newly married couples you know by sending them the Newlywed Premium Collection. This beautiful gift comes with all the essentials to help the new couple get a jump-start on creating wonderful memories of their new life together. Congratulate the new couple by sending this lovely gift today.
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Key to a Happy Marriage 

Key to Happy Marriage  943

This symbolic gift is the perfect way to send your wishes to the bride and groom. This beautiful silver key comes packaged in a lovely box with a sweet quote to finding happiness in marriage (see quote in contents section below). Send this gift today and add a card with your words of wisdom for the new couple!
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Newlywed Card Set

Newlywed card set   8151

This Newlywed Card Set comes with 12 beautifully designed 2-panel cards. Once a month for 12 months, write something special to your spouse in a card to tell them how much you love them. An additional postcard is included with a list of writing prompts to provide inspiration on what to write inside each card. Order this if you are a newlywed and you want to do something heartfelt for your new spouse each month, or send this to a newly married couple to share with their spouse. View this gift now.

Wedding Time Capsule 

Wedding Time Capsule     8146

Help the newlyweds, or soon-to-be newlyweds, capture all their big moments in this decorative Wedding Time Capsule. From the first date to the big day, this beautiful tin is the perfect place to store all those wonderful memories. After everything is added, set a future anniversary date or special milestone to open this time capsule and relive all those perfect moments. View this gift now.

The First Anniversary Card Set


Make sure every bride and groom remembers the excitement of their wedding day with these First Anniversary Cards. This gift includes two 3-panel cards, one for the bride and one for the groom. Each answers the questions found on the inside of the card about their wedding day. The cards are sealed, tucked away and then opened one year later on their first anniversary to share with each other the feelings and memories they had on that special day. This is truly a wedding gift that they’ll always remember, especially a year later.
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