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ZOOBAfter experiencing a colder than normal winter in Salt Lake City, we’re pretty excited to be jumping into the beautiful summer weather to bring you huge array of brand new gifts! From delicious new gourmet foods and kids gifts to jewelry and special occasions, we’ve got over 50 new gifts that are perfect for summer or just because. View some of the new gifts below and then head over to Gift Shop to start sending!

Birthday Frame Gift Set 

birthday mag

This prepackaged birthday frame set is a great way to celebrate a birthday with ease. The gift set includes a metal, polka dot frame with a triangular easel, Happy Birthday magnet, and green party hat magnet – all to help you say “happy birthday” with style!


Dogs Rock Treat Canister and Tennis Ball Set

Dog Treats with Ball

This Dog Rock Treat Canister has a Dogs Rock decal in the center and a pattern of alternating bones and stars that wrap around the entire base and top of the canister. Also included is, the “I am” tennis ball and 12 oz. bag of chicken and veggie flavored all-natural dog treats. These dog treats contain no wheat or corn products and are made in the USA.

ZOOB Building Set Signature


ZOOB is a building set with a difference. Watch the pieces move after kids put them together. Kids can play with their ZOOB creations, rather than just looking at them. ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together, forming joints that rotate, axles that spin, limbs that extend, and so much more. There’s no limit to what kids can build – from animals to aliens and dinosaurs to DNA models. ZOOB is based on real-life systems; its built-in educational value encourages kids to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imagination.

Truth or Dare Game 

truth or dare

We are bringing back the classic game of Truth or Dare, but with a new twist. This is a great game for all ages and will provide an abundance of laughter and a few red faces. You have a choice between 50 beautifully designed truth or dare cards with truth questions like, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” And dares such as “Sing the chorus of your favorite song as loud as you can.” There are many laughs to be shared, send this game today!

Peace, Love and Happiness Necklace Signature 

Peace Necklace

Carry peace, love and happiness with you wherever you go with this timeless necklace. Made with leather cord, it includes a brass peace sign, a beautiful Turquoise magnesite gemstone, and pewter and gold plated metal heart.


Old Fashioned Licorice Caramels

licorice caramels

Enjoy these Old Fashioned Black Licorice Caramels where the creamy, smooth texture will slowly melt in your mouth while the licorice flavors tantalize your taste buds. Like nothing you’ve experienced before!


See all these new gifts and more in the new Gift Guide


Want to see and share all of the new gifts? Check out the new Gift Guide now. View the digital version HERE or head over to the SendOutCards Gift Shop to get physical copy for yourself, your team and your prospects! Happy sending!

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