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Just because Valentine’s Day has come and gone, doesn’t mean you still can’t surprise your loved ones with a beautiful floral arrangement from The SendOutCards Garden. In fact, with the six beautiful new arrangements just added, there’s always an occasion and/or reason to send! Florals help add that extra special touch or message that words just sometimes can’t. Learn more about the gorgeous arrangements below and then head over to the Gift Shop to start sending your special message!

Spring Meadow Centerpiece

Spring Meadow Centerpiece     8027 copy

Illuminating beauty and grace that fits royalty, this arrangement captivates the light of the season. The lovely purple hyacinth represents games and sports, as derived from a dedication to Apollo, the Greek God of the Sun. The oncidium orchid symbolizes success and luxury, while the yellow orchid emulates new beginnings. This spring inspired centerpiece is designed to help you shine as you embrace new beginnings.
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Tropical Red Rose Centerpiece

Tropical Red Tose Centerpiece    8020 copy

Layered upon the delicate calathea, this tropical centerpiece features more than just the passionate red rose. Resonating purity, hope and happiness, is the Star of Bethlehem. On its own, the sweet pink mink symbolizes strength, courage and transformation. Together this centerpiece exudes more than just a tropical delight, its beautiful essences are meant to both empower and inspire you. View this arrangement in the Gift Shop.

Mixed Pastel Centerpiece

Mixed Pastel Centerpiece   8031 copy

Nestled delicately in lily grass and moss, this perfect spring medley shares the harmony of red and orange roses that emulate appreciation and grace. The yellow button illuminates a ray of summer warmth, the capricious purple carnation celebrates birth and new life. A centerpiece designed to bring the light of the new season to you.
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Tropical Bouquet

tropical bouquet   8019 copy

Exotic and unique, the Tropical Bouquet reflects all that and more. Handpicked from the beautiful island of Hawaii, the crocodile leaf and tropica fleur share the sweet ocean scents and reminiscent feeling of beach sunsets. The wispy liatris represents tenderness and the delicate beauty of life. A bouquet designed to celebrate the one-of-kind – you.
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Wooded Forest Centerpiece

Wooded Forest Centerpiece    8013 copy

The great outdoors have arrived in this majestic Wooded Forest Centerpiece. Nestled in mossy lotus with accents of wheat and purple canella berry, this arrangement will bring the scents of nature to you. Stunning pheasant feathers symbolizes balance between a spiritual and physical life, while the pinecone represents illumination and enlightenment.
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Mixed Pastel Bouquet

Mixed Pastel Bouquet     8028 (1) copy

The Mixed Pastel Bouquet is a lovely medley of beautiful flowers that say a little bit of everything. The pink alstroemeria symbolizes friendship and devotion, while the liatris represents an apology.  Orange and pink roses express enthusiasm, appreciation and grace. By sharing nature’s beauty we hope this bouquet brings more than you expected.
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gift guide

Want to get a sneak peek at more upcoming new gifts? Check out Spring Gift Guide now. View the digital version HERE or head over to the SendOutCards Gift Shop to get physical copy for yourself, your team and your prospects! Happy sending!

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