New Senior Executive & Executives

We had a HUGE weekend! We were in Houston hosting our Promptings Academy and not only did we have an incredible event, we had the privilege of watching our newest Senior Executive advance! Not only did we get to celebrate her, but we also had 2 new Executives advance over the weekend. Each has taken the next step in building their successful business and we are extremely proud to have them as part of our SendOutCards family.

Take a moment and read about each of these extraordinary distributorships and send them a heartfelt card today.


Senior Executive – Callie Teegardin

Callie Teegardin has been a force to be reckoned with ever since she began her journey with SendOutCards. She has worked hard and dedicated herself to creating the life she only dreamt of. Starting as an ivy school graduate, Callie found the freedom she was searching for in the form of network marketing. She enjoys spending time with friends, loves to scuba dive and travels the world all while sharing her contagious smile and kind heart along the way. Callie lights up a room the moment she enters and we are happy to celebrate her.




Executive – Jay Olson

Owner of Olson Insurance Group, Jay joined SendOutCards to stay in touch with his insurance clients and referral sources. He quickly found that he was sharing SendOutCards as a best practice with those he networked with and upgraded to a Distributor as it only made sense. And in just over a year, he has become an Executive – amazing! Jay is a husband, father and travel enthusiast and we are proud of his accomplishment.






Executive – Freedom Rev

Freedom Rev is a company that uses SendOutCards to build relationships and create value in people’s lives. They also share our amazing opportunity with other businesses and individuals to help others have a chance at the success they have had using the SOC platform. Congrats to Freedom Rev and their sponsor Phebe Trotman. Go BC Canada!

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