Eagle’s Challenge of 2013

Many of you have already begun earning points for the new 2013 Eagle’s Challenge and we encourage everyone to now visit our 2013 Eagle’s Challenge Rules page to find out exactly what you need to do to meet the challenge. This is your last chance to become a VIP before the 2013 SendOutCards’ Gratitude Convention and join in the fun at the VIP Event! Make sure you start the year the right way and earn your points now!

e1356718993iconThe first Eagle’s Challenge of 2013 has begun! Start earning your points now to win VIP status! The top 50 point-earners in the first Eagle’s Challenge will be awarded VIP status from May through August. VIP status includes (but is not limited to): VIP seating at all SOC corporate events, VIP event at the 2013 Gratitude Convention and a $500 cash prize when you attend either a TER Seminar or the convention (all valid only during the VIP time frame) — it doesn’t get much better!

Begin earning points now to ensure you have a spot in this prestigious group!

How to Earn Points

  • Sponsor a Retail Customer ($9.80) = 1 point
  • Sponsor a Preferred Customer ($31) = 5 points
  • Sponsor a Marketing Distributor = 10 points 


  • Personally become a 7/30/Q Club Member = 20 points
  • Personally sponsor an MD who becomes a 7/30/Q Club Member = 10 points
  • Personally rank advance to Manager or above = 10 points

We’re watching your sponsoring efforts and are excited to see this challenge take us to new heights. Make the decision now to become a VIP by convention! You have not fully experienced convention until you attend as a SendOutCards VIP.

Click HERE to view the 2013 Eagle’s Challenge details. Make sure to click on the link titled Rules & Info to view the challenge rules.

Click HERE to register for the 2013 Gratitude Convention.


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