More New Executives!


In preparing for our 2016 Defining Moments Convention, not only did we have an incredible event to prepare for, we have had the privilege of watching our newest Executives advance. Not just one, but three new Executives! Each has taken the next step in building their successful business and we are extremely proud to have them as part of our SendOutCards family.

Take a moment and read about each of these extraordinary distributorships and send them a heartfelt card today.

monica-ramanathanMonica Ramanathan

We would like to congratulate Monica Ramanathan on her hard work and incredible determination. She is now an EXECUTIVE! Monica is a true example of what encompasses a SendOutCards leader; she is selfless and is always concerned about the success of others. She recently moved across the country and she never slowed down building her business. We are ecstatic about her accomplishment and look forward to her continued leadership.


tom-signorelloTom Signorello

One characteristic that really distinguishes Tom as a leader is his ability to connect with others. Tom has created a powerful team in the time he has been with SendOutCards and we cannot wait to see what his future holds. For Tom, the sky is the limit. He is a valuable asset to SendOutCards and his journey is just beginning. His dedication and excitement is contagious and we are proud to have him as one of our newest Executives.


melinda-russellMelinda Russell

Melinda embodies the SendOutCards philosophy by helping millions act on their promptings and creating a living through giving. She consistently has a kind word and wisdom to share with others, and she truly sees an opportunity in all situations. Melinda dreams big and she makes dreams come true. She is an amazing woman and an important part of our SendOutCards family. We couldn’t be happier to honor her accomplishments!

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