May 2nd (24-hour) DOGO Results are in!

The results are now in for our last 24-Hour Convention DOGO Promotion (DOGO#4)! Thank you everyone who took the time to participate in this DOGO and all our other DOGO promotions! We’re thrilled to have given away so many tickets! We hope that you were able to earn extra or additional tickets for this big event and that you’ll be bale to share this magic with someone close to you. Just a few more weeks! View the full results below!

If your name is listed below, your special promotion code will be sent to the email address you specified in your DOGO Form within 2-3 business days.

Neysa Chaparro
Hank Yuloff
Jon Fuller
Geralyn Camarillo
Alva Nelms
Paul Smith
Alecia Sparks
Sharyn Yuloff
Kate Moodie
Kleanza Bennett
Lyn Ramsdale
Kelli Wallin
Aaron and Dianne Chambers
Tamara Rousseau
Dave Wyman
Jeff & Sylvia Schneider
Lara Sodon
Mary Hannon
Katharine Springfield
Yanabah Bluehouse
Jen Hiltz
Carolyn Gialamas
Marci Bifano
Callie Shields
Tara Rising
Ruth Wright
Lise O’Connell
Kia Chapman
Cameron Call
Susan Ericson
Brandon Keenum
Lucinda Davis
Dan Gieblewicz
Nicki Cluney
Susie Ericson
Roxanne Tancredi

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