Leveraging Sendcere to Build Your Business

photoI am, currently, reading a book titled: FREE, authored by Chris Anderson. This is an excellent study on the dynamics of free offers. It also dives into the open source and free digital product and service era.

Without going into detail, he concludes that FREE works as an enticement to purchase. FREE is also the new norm for sharing information, entertainment and a myriad of business applications.

He talks about how GOOGLE is the king of Free and their strategy is to come up with new Free offerings to entice more and more traffic. The costs of digital products, including storage and speed continue to come down. This brings more and more players into the mix offering free services.

What does this mean to SendOutCards?

With the introduction of Sendcere, SendOutCards has an opportunity to dive into the free game more than ever before. Like, Pinterest, Sendcere is a place that global users can go to get amazing card and gift sending ideas. They can post, collect, like, tag, and even share through the main social media platforms. This is all FREE.  It provides an entertainment platform that is interactive and addicting.  More importantly, it delivers solutions for spreading kindness and for generating genuine relationship marketing for businesses.

Again, all of this is for FREE…

In the words of the late Steve Jobs, when you release new products, you don’t want to just stay up with current technology, you want to Leap Frog ahead. With Sendcere and on-going tool releases, SendOutCards is doing just that.

For the first time in social media history, in addition to the create it, collect it, like it, share it, tag it and save it, you can now also SEND IT. And what you’re sending is not digital. It’s a real physical greeting card with a first class stamp in the mail.

With our direct selling business model, we can go even a step further. As independent distributors of SendOutCards, you can choose to let your social media friends send that first real physical greeting card for FREE. We have even introduced a new “Mini Splash Pak” where you can, if needed, offer an upgrade to your customer’s FREE Sendcere account, where they get 25 points and 2 stamps to use. Again, for FREE.

This is leap frogging in its greatest form. This is what the potential Sendcere and SendOutCards user can now be, initially, exposed too. 

1)   A way to send a FREE card

2)   Ability to set up a FREE Sendcere account

3)   The possibility of a FREE upgrade with enough points to truly get a feel for the SOC experience

This is a conversion process that truly leverages the power of the new FREE era that we all live in. Like it or not, it is here to stay. SOC is the direct sales company that is poised and positioned to take full advantage. This conversion process will turn your social media friends into long-term subscribing users of our products. It also has the ability to acquire those users with viral speed.  This makes our opportunity bigger and more exciting. That means more and more people will not only become users, they will join your team as business builders themselves.

To get this process into momentum, you want to share cards from your Sendcere account, to other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  The most important thing to remember is you want to share greeting cards that they would have a need to immediately send.

To help with this, you can refer to my previous blog for greeting cards and post ideas. http://kodyb.com/sendcere-card-sharing-through-social-media/

These cards and posts are designed specifically to get people to click on them and send them. Your social media friends may have an immediate need for these cards.

We have also created an entity in Sendcere known as SOCGURU.  You need to follow this entity on Sendcere. Simply click on this link: http://www.sendcere.com/socguru Then click the blue follow button. You can also type socguru in the Sendcere search bar to find it.

Special thanks to Gayle Zientek and Melinda Russell for creating these amazing cards. They come complete with suggested posts and suggested cards and copy on the inside of cards.  Those cards even have instructions in them. Socguru was designed so your social media friend could use it without any assistance.

This blog is being released prior to a “New products webinar”, hosted by Steve Shulz and Vanessa Hunter. Make sure you tune into this amazing webinar. You will be getting detailed information about new packages and tools that will help you with this conversion process. 


Kody B

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