Last Day of Spirit Week!

homecoming_fridayBeing able to work from home is definitely a treat, making calls in your pajamas with bunny slippers on your feet. You have the ultimate freedom to be your own boss, you’re the CFO the CEO but the suit and tie you can toss. Celebrate your passion for your business with S.O.C, share your pj pic with us and let’s have social party!

Today is the last day of Spirit Week and it’s Pajama Day!

Today is the day to celebrate your ability as an entrepreneur and a home based business-builder. The freedom of being able to work from home comes with so many benefits, including working in your pj’s and being your own boss. Share your best pj pictures with us and promote the benefit of being an entrepreneur on our Official Facebook page using #SOCHomecoming. You will also get to see our corporate team in their pj’s supporting you, our home-based distributors!


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  1. October 3, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    Keep it clean folks! 😉

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