Kody’s Evolution Compilation Album Press Release


As many of you know, Kody Bateman was impacted by music at a young age when he had a memorable experience living in Baltimore. Being the minority in his neighborhood, he was accepted by a young man who introduced Kody to rap music. Intrigued and moved by the new music he was hearing Kody immediately took to learning all that he could. To this day, Kody tells the story that led him to writing and producing of his music. With motivating and inspiring lyrics, Kody’s music is meant to encourage personal development and to find the genius within you. With favorites such as Freedom and Making a Difference, it’s easy to see how bringing this music into Kody’s personal development events can inspire and touch the heart. It is more than just hearing the words, you can feel it in your soul.

You now have the opportunity to listen to the inspiring music written by Kody himself. This compilation of songs is played during Treat’em Right Seminars, annual conventions and other events, all of which enhance the experience of everyone around. Purchase this CD from the Gift Shop today, and be reminded of memorable moments from your favorite events. You can even find the music available on Spotify, iTunes, iheart Radio and many other sources. We are so proud of this momentous occasion and monumental point in Kody’s life we have taken the news to the press! To read the full artist Press Release click  “read more”.

Kody Bateman

The Evolution Compilation Album

Double R & Kody B. 2014 

“This album is an inspiring and uplifting compilation that fills my home with positivity and reminds us all to follow our hearts and live our dreams.”– Wendy Pleasant 


Salt Lake City, UT – December 10th 2014 – The Founder and CEO of SendOutCards, a well-known international greeting card and gifting company, has directed his talents to an industry he has had a passion for all his life. Kody Bateman, a leading businessman in the Network Marketing industry, sought after public speaker and product innovator has released a compilation of motivational songs.

A lifelong songwriter, Kody was exposed to rap music at a young age when a peer accepted him for who he was when he felt like an outcast. He now pays tribute to that friend through his music. This is a creative way for Kody to inspire personal development through powerful lyrics and modern style music. His desire to bring positivity to others inspired the lyrics in each of the songs on the album.

The Evolution Compilation Album was written and produced by Kody Bateman in primary collaboration with Sean Galloway (Kniknotti) in a studio outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The music is uplifting with an edgy R&B flare sprinkled with emotion-driven ballads. This album features Rushan Reed (Double R) who is a power vocalist, bringing effortless harmony and soul to the music. Additional collaborations on the album include; Paria, Dot Biz, Aaron and Baltimore.

The Evolution Compilation album is featured on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, MediaNet (beats audio) and Shazam. The song titled “Freedom” is the most popular song on the Evolution Compilation Album and represents the possibilities of life, your passion and the freeing your soul.

About Kody Bateman:

Kody Bateman is the founder and CEO of SendOutCards, an international greeting card company that was featured in the 2009 Inc. 500 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Kody has been a featured speaker at over 200 network marketing events prior to starting his own network marketing company. He currently conducts personal development seminars for audiences all over the world.




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