Kody Bateman’s 2014 Revolution Convention Keynote Presentation

The SendOutCards revolution is taking technology to a new level, and there is no better person to lay it all out than Founder and CEO, Kody Bateman. In his keynote presentation at the 2014 Revolution Convention, Kody speaks to the evolution that has created the revolution, where brick phone technology can no longer support the smart phone technology growth of where SendOutCards is headed with SOC 2.0, Sendcere and our iOS app. He provides raw insight to the recent conversion, and how we are propelling SendOutCards into becoming a billion dollar company and a household name.

With a step-by-step progression of SendOutCards’ new technology and a plan in place, it’s clear that Kody has his sight set on the future with our distributors and customers in mind.

Watch the full presentation from Kody at the SendOutCards 2014 Revolution Convention below.

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