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It’s an exciting time to be a part of the REV Club and we want everyone to be part of it! See some the great perks our members have received this month and be sure to purchase your 2014 Annual Revolution Convention tickets now to receive the exciting offers and insider information coming January 25, 2014. If you’re already a member, help us by getting your teams, in both the upline and your downline, to the 2014 Annual Revolution Convention! Read more below on the  information and offers REV Club members received this month and get a sneak peek at the next upcoming offers and perks!

Insider Information:

2014 TER Seminar Schedule

REV Club members were given a first the first look at our tentative Treat’em Right Seminar cities and months for 2014. Once these have been contracted, the announcement will be made to the field.

2014 Event Format

Through the entire year of 2013, we had the SCT Schools and Treat’em Right Seminars on the same weekend. Now, we have separated the two events! The SCT Schools will be held monthly around the world on different dates and in different locations than the Treat’em Right Seminars. Event cities and dates for the SCT School will be announced at a later date.

December Webinar With The Eagles

In the month of December, we will have an exclusive webinar for REV Club members only. REV Club members will be invited to join in and have an opportunity to interview and interact with the Eagles!

2014 Annual Revolution Convention Speaker

For all you REV Club members that are anxiously awaiting convention details, we have some great news! In January 2014, we will be announcing our first Revolution Convention speaker. Stay tuned for future emails that will have further information.

Special TER Seminar Drawings

There will be 2 drawings at the Las Vegas, NV Treat’em Right Seminar on January 25, 2014 for those in attendance. At least one REV Club Member is guaranteed to win! The winners of the drawings will receive wonderful gift items from the SendOutCards Gift Shop. Be sure to attend the TER Seminar for your chance to win these prizes! Register now!

Exclusive REV Club Offers:

FREE REV Club Stationery and Promptings Book

We are filled with appreciation for our REV Club members! To thank our current members, and anyone who joins the REV Club before January 25, 2014, we are giving you FREE REV Club Stationery and a paperback Promptings book. The REV Club Stationery includes a custom designed REV Club member notebook and a SendOutCards pen.

FREE REV Club T-shirts

By popular demand and because we love our REV Club members, we will be extending the FREE REV Club T-shirt offer through convention. This means that ALL of our REV Club members will have a chance to show off their commitment to the Revolution.

REV Wall of Fame Drawing

The REV Wall of Fame is our photo wall for those registered for convention. Once you register for our 2014 Annual RevolutionConvention, you have the chance to be entered into a drawing to win 200 points, not just one time, but each week leading up to convention. Be sure to send us a postcard for our REV Wall of Fame, where you’ll have the chance to win 200 points in a drawing every week!

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Perks for those who join before January 25th, 2014:

  • A chance to win 200 points every week in the REV Wall of Fame Drawing
  • A chance to win exclusive REV Club prizes at TER Seminar events
  • Free REV Club Stationery and Promptings book
  • FREE REV Club T-shirt
  • Special webinar with the Eagle’s
  • Sneak peek at convention speakers
  • Exclusive conference calls
  • And much more!
The Revolution is for EVERYONE! Let’s spread the news!

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